Christmas Wishes

I nearly sent you an FB message today.  I’m sure you could find me on there too, if you wanted to.

I wasn’t going to send anything requiring a response but just to say hello and that I hoped your Christmas is shaping up better than last year.

Many would wonder why I would want to even contact you. That I should expend my energy on those who are more worthy. But I enjoyed the conversations we had.

I am feeling more lost than ever right now and I guess you were part of the very start of my “finding me” journey.  I feel lost without anyone to really talk to right now. But I think I enjoyed talking to you so much because you were a great mirror for me.

Anyway. I digress, as always.

I hope you are healthy and happy. Sending you peace and wishing you well.


French Lessons

A text exchange with MonsieurMiam.

Magenta: Ça va?

MM: Good and you?

{after googling some words/phrases to translate horny}
Magenta: Viceloque 😏

MM: Hein ?
{one instance of his use of dotting in French words…. I discovered hein means huh}

Magenta: Cochonne? 🤔 ou chaud la braise?
Magenta: Tell me the right word 🤷🏻‍♀️  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Magenta: Excité?

MM: Ahah!
MM: Excitée  ; )
MM: 😋

Magenta: Oui 😏

MM: Why?
MM: ^^    **

Magenta: Why not?
Magenta: Toujours si je me souviens de toi :p
{always if I remember you}

MM: Ahah I like that 😘

Magenta: Please say yes to an adventure before you go home? *

MM: Yes I want  ; )  **

Magenta: 🤩

* Fingers crossed….sometime next year….to be continued
** I find it curious that French friends (not just MM) seem to use a mix of typed emoji and actual emojis, typically just  ^^    (I believe to be interpreted as a grin) and winky face ; )

Oui! Oui! S’il vous plaît, Monsieur

So, it’s been a while since I posted a minxy tale. They certainly haven’t been lacking this year, with the discovery of play world and all. I have been meaning to post more tales since the beginning of the year but alas that has not happened.

I do have many tales to tell, however…… but most tales are best told in the moment….as present, and fresh, as possible. The details more readily recalled. This tale is one of Magenta’s first French delicacies, a delightfully dashing young monsieur – so delicious, there is no other name for him except Monsieur Miam. It is also rather fitting that his actual name is one of alliteration too. I started writing this a few weeks ago when we first met and we have had several interactions since then, so there is definitely more to come!

I met MonsieurMiam whilst trying out Tinder for the very first time. Previously, I was always Tinder-averse because of all of the Tinder nightmares that get laughed about on social media. I suppose many online dating/meeting apps are alike so I don’t know why I had been so deadly against it.

MonsieurMiam’s profile was very brief, but his photos spoke volumes. Stunning bright blue-green-grey eyes, like the colour of silver leaf plants. They are even more beautiful in person, framed by the most swoon-worthy lush, thick, lashes. He had a beautiful energy in his pictures, although most weren’t smiling. One image of him on the beach, casually walking, un-posed, showed his very fit body. I’m not one to drool over or place priority on buff bods but this was one to be appreciated.

I think he must have swiped me first as I received the match notification instantly. He said hello a little while after matching, and I replied hi back. I was surprised to hear from him as matches who also message on Tinder seemed to be a bit hit and miss. Plus he is rather young 😬, and very very beautiful – I figured he would have a bevvy of beauties banging down his door.

We chatted in a couple of spurts over the course of the day after we first matched….me being my weirdo self, wanting to make sure that any solo guys I play with understand my standards and safety measures.

I am not an easy standard hookup. I respect my play community and those I play with, as well as that of my own health. If someone can’t answer or isn’t comfortable discussing sexual health and safety then it’s a 🙅🏻‍♀️ no from me.

We met whilst both overseas and I learned that MonsieurMiam was on a pre-working holiday trip to meet new people and improve his English. I ended up inviting him over after we established a level of comfort and we had a brief video chat. His English wasn’t the greatest but I found his manner and conversation quite endearing all the same. The odd French word dotted into a sentence was very cute indeed – and I do love languages.

After meeting him out the front of my apartment complex when he arrived, greeting me with a typical European kiss on both cheeks, we strolled the short distance to my apartment. I couldn’t believe how breathtakingly beautiful he was – but beyond that, he was just really nice too. We’d connected on Instagram after Tinder and, upon meeting me, he asked if my name was Maggie or my Instagram handle. The way he says both is very adorable, he could call me whatever he wanted and I wouldn’t care haha. But I told him I’m usually Maggie or Magenta.

MonsieurMiam asked to shower, after his dusty, hot, journey via motorbike taxi to my house so I showed him the bathroom. I went the kitchen but soon heard him calling out to me from the shower “Maggie, are you going to join?”.

I entered the bathroom and admired the breathtaking view of MonsieurMiam in the shower, water cascading over his gorgeous body. I turned around and undressed slowly, so he could appreciate my often-rated backside to which he murmured appreciatively. Entering the shower, I soaped up my body and pressed it up against his, travelling up and down his toned, tanned physique. We kissed and enjoyed each other’s skin under the warm caress of running water.

Exiting the shower and drying ourselves off, we wasted no time in enjoying each others’ freshly cleansed skin. I still couldn’t believe my eyes at this gorgeous man in my room. Helping him dry off, I enjoyed kissing him up and down his body, pausing to suck his cock a little, to which he murmured appreciatively, commenting I did that well.

Making our way over to the bed, he picked me up and kissed me deeply as he threw me on the bed in the way I absolutely adore. Joining me on the bed, he kissed me again and we made out for a little bit, enjoying exploring each other’s skin with our hands, before MonsieurMiam began traversing my body with his lush, delicate lips.

Finding his way to my pussy he began to feast on me, his nibbles and licks were electrifying – you could tell it was something he reveled in. He certainly knew his tricks, I was definitely surprised – for such a young guy, he had some moves I hadn’t felt before… or at least not delivered in the way he did. Nibbling my clit and feasting on my whole pussy, interspersed with delightful kisses…. he was as blessed in talent as he was in looks.

In our text exchange he called himself indefatigable…. a word I had to look up haha! He corrected himself, offering the word tireless after I asked him what he meant (although I should’ve known, it is rather obvious in the word itself) – I realised he had meant to say he has stamina. And that he certainly does, although it’s not such a rare feat in my experience.

MonsieurMiam tossed me around in a way I don’t think I’ve truly experienced since TheMaster. With confidence, minus arrogance, he expertly maneuvered me around. Fucking me both slow and fast, building me up then moving me at just the right minute to hit the right spots, delivering such heavenly ecstasy. I loved the way he looked at me enjoying my pleasure, with a knowing cheeky-serious face…..not smirking or smiling, it’s hard to describe. Those eyes are really something else.

Holding my legs up as he fucked me and occasionally kissing my calf, then lowering them and pulling me towards him in scissor……he definitely was indefatigable! He reminded me of this as we continued fucking and I learned that he surprisingly had never cum from fucking before. After some time, we paused and enjoyed kissing – he is definitely my style of kisser.

Moving down to take his cock in my mouth, I enjoyed his pleasure as I licked his shaft, interspersed with sucking his cock and using my hands to stimulate him. He kept repeating “continue”, which I later learned is French for “keep going”, I absolutely love languages and find it quite endearing how he dots in French words assuming I’ll understand – not just in this instance, which made sense, but others too. After he came, he told me I was very good – which is always nice to hear.

Asking what the time was, 2 hours had passed since he arrived and it was quite late. I learned the phrase “On ne voit pas le temps passeé” – which I think is the French way of saying time flies. We fortunately managed to find him a taxi back to where he was staying, despite the hour of night (well, morning). We parted with a delicious kiss and upon arriving home he text me saying he was okay and “yes thanks you are really sexy and cool girl”.

Oui ^^

The French Invasion

I’ve experienced somewhat of a French invasion of late.

Who knew that the French were such fans of Magenta? It has me thinking I need to get myself to France.

Whilst I’ve always had a French girl on my fuckit list, I have recently enjoyed the company of some delightful young French men during my travels. I also had the pleasure of meeting a lovely couple on a world tour, who I will hopefully cross paths with during their tour of my country over the next year.

I’ve also made a French friend or two, one who I uncannily discovered is also an echangiste.

I wouldn’t necessarily agree that French lovers are the best, everyone has their unique talents no matter where they hail from.  I do quite enjoy the sensuality of Europeans and Latinos, but those from more Western cultures can be just as sensual too.

There is something, however, about being told you are sexy and beautiful in a French accent. Mmmmm, oui!


I haven’t spoken of this explicitly yet, despite having intended to since the beginning of this year (where tf has this year gone???). I recently learned a French word for me/my “lifestyle” that I love much more than its English counterpart – echangiste.

Yes, I am a single swinger. A unicorn to some (I am not adverse to this title but I understand why many are – I have yet to have a bad experience as a unicorn).

I wouldn’t describe myself as poly-amorous but I do believe that love is not a finite resource. The phrase “love slut” does resonate with me and I do very much enjoy the open-minded world of the “ethically non-monogamous”.

I have existed in this world for the past 12 months and during this time I have made many wonderful connections and new friends. My mind has been opened; many stereotypes broken; confidence and self-love grown; along with plenty of growth in self-knowledge, communication skills and general knowledge – both in relation to general life as well as the echangiste lifestyle.

The lifestyle is certainly different to the picture that society often paints. I love that there are many people from all walks of life who exist in this world, there really is no typical “echangiste”.  And there are certainly many ‘flavours’ of the lifestyle – how individuals view and partake, whether coupled or single.  One of the greatest things I love about the community, is the general acceptance of all beings – everyone in all shapes, sizes and sexual orientations.

The more people I meet who enjoy the lifestyle and community, the more I feel that I want to stay in this lifestyle in some way once I am ready to date.  This is definitely something I never would’ve thought would interest me……but here I am!

What I seek, an addendum

This. All of this ❤


You deserve to be loved fiercely.

You deserve to be loved by a man who knows how to love hard.

A man who looks at you like you are made of magic. The kind of shimmering magic that you feel when you are standing knee deep in Balinese water and the blue-glowing phosphorescence whisks about your feet after midnight—a beach-side bonfire roaring 20 feet behind you.

A man who prefers date night to consist of you, a fireplace, little to no clothing and the kind of soul-f***ing that happens when your limbs are intertwined and the depth of your conversation becomes the entertainment for the night.

A man who understands that love is shown through the little things.

A man who does the dishes not as a martyr, but as someone who sees organizing your environment as an act of love in itself. A man who fills up your car’s gas tank because he knows how much you dislike doing it. A man who leaves 10-word love notes for you to find scattered throughout your life—and not because it’s Valentine’s Day, but just because it’s Tuesday.

……..And when the tough times inevitably roll through your shared lives, make sure you marry a man who can look deeply into your eyes and say, “We’ve got this. We’re going to make it through. You have nothing to worry about.”

A man who wants nothing more than to assist in the ever-expanding greatness of your life. He is not threatened by your successes; he relishes them.

He doesn’t get jealous when other people check you out; he knows at a bone-deep level how much of a prize you are.