Magenta & The Master

It was cold, dark, wet…typical weather for that time of year.  Definitely great fucking weather. I found his ad after dabbling in a bit of messenger chat with various people, having discovered TheSite the previous weekend.
I’m not sure what I found appealing about his ad – TheSite certainly gets all sorts of types of characters.

I was quickly learning that men who use it (especially those who use photos in their ads) have to deal with bots (computer scams) and boys, in their quest for female attention. I found his messenger name intriguing – it was different to the typical ones such as johnny6969 or looking4fun – although, to me, it sounded like the sort of name that would be used by pursuers of me from my youth (read: douchey types). I think his ad had some typical dick pics, which were perhaps off-putting but I decided to look him up on messenger anyway.  I was, after all, distractingly horny.

We conversed via message service that afternoon and I was on the fence about meeting him.  He seemed decent enough and being able to host in a hotel room, as he was from out of town, was a definite plus. In hindsight, it was a bit of a stupid and risky move on my part but I was naively nonchalant and very much in ‘horny slut mode’.

After grilling him with my somewhat obscure newbie questions (I wanted to try as much as possible to ensure playmates did not exist in my circles), we exchanged some pics. I ummed and ahhed about skipping a meeting I had on that afternoon, in order to meet up earlier,  but I decided to keep the meeting –  which only left time for a quickie before I had to be home.

Sending a snap from the gym, seemingly real-time, he asked a succinct, straight-forward ‘acceptable?’ to which I responded with the same type of snap and question. He was not what I was picturing, for someone with his messenger name – definitely not like the pre-hubby aresholes who used to pursue me. But, yes, he was acceptable.

I asked him just in time to wear no cologne.  He thoughtfully asked if I wanted to go in through the back entrance for more privacy.  I pulled up and got out of my car, pulled on the hood of my jacket, as it was raining, and waited near the side entrance.

He appeared, jogged over to me and said hello.  Taking me by the hand he asked me if I was nervous, to which I replied no –  but he was a little, he admitted.  He was much cuter in person than his pics, which is rarely the case. He had a charming, boyish smile, beautiful eyes and a gentlemanly manner, immediately making me feel at ease. Waiting for the lift he grabbed my arse appreciatively and we kissed. I don’t think I’d been kissed in such a way in many years (hubby has unfortunately never been big on kissing) – I hoped my lack of practice didn’t show. Getting in the lift, I jumped up and wrapped my legs around him, kissing passionately. Remembering it gets me going……fuck it was hot.   We stumbled out of the lift and he guided me to his room and we both undressed…..the rest was a bit of a blur as he pleasured me but I remember his manner was intoxicating… certainly got me high and I wanted more of it.  The Master would later became known among the players I chatted to as The Fave.

We finished in a rush and I dressed hurriedly as I needed to be home in half an hour. He enquired what the area he was staying in was like and sweetly walked me out to where I was parked. As I got to my car, I turned and leaned against it……he kissed me again, the sort of hungry pash that leaves you breathless…..I wished I didn’t have to leave.

Driving home I sent him a thank you message and he replied with “!!!!”.

Magenta was born.


6 thoughts on “Magenta & The Master

  1. I’m just discovering your stories now after having only read a few before not realising these others. I am finding your blog difficult to navigate but I will persevere 🙂 Ps I wanted more information on how he pleasured you! 😉


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