The beginning

As much as I try it on with hubby, he rarely comes to the party. He’s far more affectionate with our cat these days than he is with me.  I haven’t taken the pill in years, only using condoms for contraception – I think it’s telling enough to say that the last time I’d bought a large packet was over a year ago.

We’d had a reasonable sex life……in the beginning. Although even back then, I think I was always the initiator.  It wasn’t like he had trouble getting aroused, I used to love feeling his hard cock through the pocket of his pants when we were out.  I’m struggling to remember when all of that dissipated, as we’re childless by choice at this point in time and we’re certainly not ‘old’. He was the first guy who called me ‘a babe’….the others before him said I was sexy, but were generally sleazy types – only wanting to get in your pants, ‘too busy’, or not wanting a girlfriend, but I was probably rather emotionally immature back then.  I hadn’t been with anyone in about a year when I met him, so although I would say that I’ve always had a strong libido it has waxed and waned at times.

 *  *  *

I was home alone, insatiably horny.  Not the sort of horniness that a sex toy would appease.  I needed skin, cock – I yearned to be carnally devoured. I will admit that I’d considered, and browsed, ads for male escorts out of curiosity in the past, chasing an experience that I didn’t think I could get from hubby……he just wasn’t that sort of guy.  I had a little search but nothing appealed and, besides, I didn’t want to spend that sort of money.

As is the common thing to do in this day and age, I hit up Google and happened upon TheSite.  It wasn’t a traditional online dating or affairs site, something a bit more unexpected but I decided to have a look….


17 thoughts on “The beginning

  1. Thanks! I’m curious about the comments I’m getting re honesty – other blogs I’ve started reading on these themes seem just as honest.
    Perhaps it’s my personality type coming across?


  2. I guess this site tends to get the best out of people – sometimes things that are hard to share with even friends at the fear of being judged or typecast. As I was mentioning to Ava the other day, we are our worst critics. If only we could shut up that “voice” inside of us, truth would be so easy….

    Keep writing my friend. Hope you continue finding yourself and also derive happiness and peace.

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  3. Hi dear, I’m starting in the beginning of your writing so I don’t miss anything and get to know you much better. 🙂
    I relate as I was in the same situation with what I call my roommate now. We lived ourselves apart because of it and there is nothing left. Now I couldn’t even imagine being intimate anymore. Said, but true.

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      1. Same here, I think I loved the person he used to be and the kindness he bestowed on me. But in all honesty, I don’t think we ever chemistry or I was in love with him. I just didn’t knew better then.

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