The Magenta Manifesto

I should really back-track a little to explain my intentions and thinking when I uncovered TheSite.

TheSite is a bit of market place of sorts, as with any market place you get all types of vendors selling all types of things.  Everything comes at a cost, what that cost might be is different for everyone.

Being super fucking careful, in every sense of the word, was paramount to me.  I wasn’t looking for love or romance – things I classed as an affair. I wanted – pure and simple – to use someone for hot, satiating sex. A bit of fun distraction, and attention, is always nice too of course. Maybe even someone who could become a friend, and help me uncover the mysteries of my husband. An eternal workaholic, and always comfortable in my own company, I’ve never been great at making friends – although perhaps a naive thought that I could make friends in such a place, from such circumstances……why not? Anything is possible.

The rules* I subscribed to in entering the world of players have definitely evolved but they were pretty much as follows;

  • No one with less to lose than me (i.e. also needed to be attached, preferably married)
  • Preferably no kids (I didn’t want to be taking someone away from their parental duties)
  • No one in my industry
  • No one who possibly knew my husband
  • No real names (well, at least until I knew them a little better)
  • No phone numbers
  • Very little info that would give away my true identity
  • No one who knew anyone I knew or associated with (hence out-of-towners were preferred)
  • Drug & disease free
  • No smokers
  • No unprotected sex
  • Someone with similar views to me
  • Someone who spoke my language, had chemistry with and had mutual attraction with
  • Someone okay with my lack of quality sexual experience (although I’d consider myself to quite well self-educated)
  • Someone with enough smarts to cover their tracks well and not risk exposing me (i.e. no luddites)
  • Walk away from anyone I deemed to be at risk of liking too much
  • No one that liked me too much out of the fear of them hunting my true identity and wanting to expose me

*to be continued….


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