A rose by any other name

At this point in time, I didn’t know much about TheMaster;
He was from out of town
He traveled a bit for his job
He’d used a similar ad a few times in a couple of different locations – for all I knew, he quite possibly had playmates in multiple locales.

What made me set TheMaster as a benchmark?
He was the most gentlemanly guy I’d met
Confident but not cocky (his words)
Respectful and thoughtful
Definitely not awkward
Spoke my language – most definitely my kind of cheeky
A stunningly gorgeous cock….he certainly knew how to take a great dick pic, but it was just as magnificent in person.

I chatted to TheMaster sporadically, although he wasn’t around much – he’s not a particularly chatty guy in messages.  I enjoyed our educational chats, he didn’t seem to mind my ‘newbie’ questions – he definitely seemed to have a bit of play experience to offer educated views from. I also came to learn he liked a bit of dominance, respectful dominance I would later call it. As someone who was used to leading and looking after others, calling the shots to a degree, I liked the thought of being ‘looked after’ and being directed.

Hence I named him TheMaster – both for being a quasi-dominant, my educator (at this point in time) and for being an experienced player .


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