The Hipster

After meeting TheMaster, I thought I’d try my luck in finding someone locally.

I replied to a couple of ads but found it easier to look up those who used messenger. Email seemed fiddly to me, but also risked having a record, whereas messenger was constantly overwritten.

I came across TheHipster’s ad one night whilst browsing ads listing messenger names.  We had easy, quick, back-forth chat and I learned he had a long-term girlfriend, was actually a couple of years older than what he advertised as (why lie? definitely lost points there) and lived about half an hour or so from where I lived. He seemed cute, I liked his chattiness and after exchanging some pics, we established there was some mutual attraction.

His job seemed to allow him to chat a fair bit and I found him a bit distracting – perhaps somewhat demanding/needy in this respect.  He had some differing views in that he felt he needed ‘a connection’ with someone he was going to have a sexual relationship with.  In exploring these needs of his, we discovered a mutual love of some similar music – he made a playlist of tracks he liked for me to listen to and sent me the link, which was cute but at the same time felt a little too much perhaps. I didn’t want to enter the realm of either of us liking the other too much.

We discussed our sexual tastes and were on the same page from what I recall, with interests in exploring some things neither of us had done yet. TheHipster was happy to book a hotel in his name (not something I was comfortable doing) and split the cost.

After a bit of back-forth in working out a meeting place/time to ‘say hi’ and get a feel for each other we decided to casually be in the same area at the same time one morning.  It was a work day, so I put on my favourite sexy work dress and heels, found an easy spot nearby to park and waited around the corner, near where he was walking from.  He’d originally wanted to meet somewhere a bit more open, which I was apprehensive of, as it was a large chain type of cafe – not the kind of place I would typically visit. I wanted to be able to pull him in for a sneaky pash and grope, if the moment presented itself, so I sent him a message of where I was and waited.  I spotted him walking towards where I was standing and hovered back into the doorway of a shop that was closed. He looked pretty much as I’d imagined, shorter than I’d thought…not entirely my type, but cute. He seemed slightly awkward/nervous but we said hello and I pulled him in for a pash anyway.

There was a coffee shop next door, which seemed quiet, so we went and ordered our respective coffees together.  He still seemed awkward and whilst waiting for our orders to be filled he stood at the other end of the rather small shop.  I couldn’t help but think that if it were TheMaster standing there with me, he would most definitely have hung back where I was standing and be groping me appreciatively (in a respectful way of course).

We grabbed our coffees and exited together –  pausing on the step for a pash, he still seemed awkward, but felt up my dress a little.  He hadn’t complimented me on my dress or appearance, or seemed to be appreciative of what he saw apart from returning my kiss. I was expecting him to make such a comment in the first message I received from him after our brief meet up, but he did nothing of the sort.  The conversation continued to feel strained and awkward after that moment, so we ended up parting ways – although he did try to ‘start fresh’ a few weeks later when he randomly sent me a message.

TheHipster turned out to be a great learning lesson for me as I definitely made some mistakes in going against Magenta’s Manifesto – namely that I probably got comfortable too quickly and we actually spoke on the phone (although we never saved each other’s numbers) and found out each other’s names early on.  These mistakes later made me concerned about the potential for TheHipster to expose me if he so desired.


12 thoughts on “The Hipster

      1. Yeah I lost him… he tried to grovel, but I was no longer interested after meeting him in the flesh. A girl’s gotta have standards, even more so engaging in such risky activities! He didn’t have a room – we were going to organise that the following day.

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