…after the first meeting

{a conversation had with TheMaster a week after meeting}

Magenta:…so I have mild tonsillitis
I have to ask the question that makes look like an idiot (for perhaps not being more careful, although I didn’t/don’t get the feeling that you’re malicious or silly like that)
Do I have anything to be concerned about?

{replied about 3-4 days later}

Master: None at all…I’m 100% clean
I’d say its just a change in weather and you running around like a mad girl
Sorry, had some storage issues on my phone

Magenta: Sorry for the random nutsy message haha
All good

Master: No stress
You ok?

Magenta: I am, thanks for asking

Master: Just run down?

Magenta:Probably just general office germs lol

MasterOk…..didn’t think you could get tonsillitis from sucking cock

Magenta: Hahaha you can’t but other similar symptoms yes
I had to go to the doctors for something different and the doc had a look at my throat  and said it was mild tonsillitis….wasn’t exactly going to ask if it was anything different

Master: Fair enough

Master: My nerves settled pretty quickly
Wish I wasn’t so busy!!

Magenta: Lol I have to say I was a bit taken aback by your nerves
I can lift more than my bodyweight but you ain’t got nothing to worry about with me haha

Master: Lol
Not many women are as forward or up front…the nerves were more that I expected something dodgy…so, bravo to you! Lol

Magenta: Haha well, I’m flattered thanks
I think lol

Just so you know…I’m also attached, so you’re not the only naughty one

Magenta: I see…thanks for the honesty
Can I assume you thoroughly reset/wipe your messenger in that case?
…I just ask because I’d hate my identity to be chased by someone with a vengeance

Master: It gets deleted daily
I’m fucking super safe

Magenta: Lol ok good to know
Dejavu…meeting time. If I knew then what I know now, I would’ve skipped my meeting last week

Master: That I’m attached?

Magenta: Huh?
I don’t care about attached

Master: Comments about skipping your meeting

Magenta:You = 5*   well from what I know …not to give you a big head haha
I would’ve skipped my meeting to have more time

Master: Oh…lol
Why the 5?

Magenta:Fine, I’ll just say perfection

Master: I got the star bit…my performance was crap though
I was to riled up and came to quickly

Magenta:Haha well yes, that could’ve been better
…hopefully there’s a next time

Magenta: Why 5*?
1) thoughtful (back gate suggestion & ensuring satiety)
2) very sweet (asking if I was nervous & walking out for safety)
3) can follow instructions (no cologne) & don’t seem to be a douche
4) better in person than photos, seem to take care of yourself, I place value on health over societal expectations ie. drinking /drugs
I know the last point is blank lol


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