I found Beefy’s ad on a weekend afternoon I think,  it wasn’t the most polished-sounding of ads but it had a messenger name and I thought I’d say hi.

We chatted and established some rapport – I discovered we had similar situations of lacking needs being met at home but also that we were both new to discovering TheSite.  We also had similar ‘manifesto‘ rules – d&d free, very very discrete/not wanting to share much information etc, so I felt pretty comfortable with him.

Something that generally comes up early in chatting is bodily stats of prospective playmates – either they would ask or you’d both willingly share as an early starting point.  Beefy became named as such as he was more solid-sounding than other prospective playmates I’d been chatting with.  I discussed his stats with TheMaster, being someone who had met me, and pondered whether Beefy was too-solid a guy for me but TheMaster seemed to think he’d be ok.

Beefy enjoyed going to the gym, like me, and it was a topic we enjoyed some discussion on together.  He once told me how he’d gotten quite into his gymming in the past and had built a quite defined back, which his wife hadn’t noticed until one time he took her to the gym with him…..such a shame when things like this go unnoticed by partners.

We found a mutual time to meet up and met in the dark in our cars…..neither of us wanted to risk booking a hotel and having to use photo ID.

Beefy was a quieter than I’d expected, although I can be fairly confident and perhaps too relaxed sometimes, it was most likely just nerves.  We had a satisfying fuck……as satisfying as it can be in a car.

Afterwards we messaged and I teased him about his quietness.  We had easy back-forth conversation and he said he was surprised as he’s not normally like that but was shocked at how hot I was…..definitely flattering to hear.  Given it’s something I rarely hear from my husband, or in general (even in the past), I was really surprised at how many players I chatted to found me hot.

Beefy was definitely a nice guy, not someone I would be at risk of liking too much but definitely sweet at times.  I’d been unsure of how my skills were, having been out of practice for so long but Beefy assured me my cock sucking skills were more than acceptable….Beefy couldn’t understand how hubby didn’t seem to like having his cock sucked and told me he wished his wife did it as well as I did.

Beefy and I continued to chat and decided to meet up again.


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