There are times in life when something causes you to stop in your tracks and reflect inwardly.

I’ve had a couple of these moments in the last few months, both affecting me unexpectedly – both being major life events happening to people I don’t know personally.

I have a good great life. What the fuck am I doing? I should be working on making my life greater.

Am I just entertaining foolish games? Calling the men I have been associating with players and playmates does illicit a picture of game-play.

Is this what it is…..?  What is real?

Is it stupid of me to think that any of them can help with my personal growth and development in improving my life? Are they just using me? Am I using them?

I read something recently, wherein the author called upon everyone to stop wasting energy on things that brought their lives down in order to make more room for things that were….well, more awesome  – because happiness doesn’t create itself.

Does this bring my life down or enrich it?

What do I need to let go of?


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