The Little Prick

The Little Prick was someone I came across who initially seemed mature and like a decent guy, despite being a fair bit younger than me.

We had some quick, easy messenger chat and he gave me some interesting ideas about discrete places to meet up.

The Little Prick was cute, I discussed my apprehensions about younger guys and guys being awkward – he assured me he wasn’t awkward and attempted to prove his maturity.  The Little Prick was single but in a share house, so hosting was a bit tricky with him.

It was some time ago that we chatted so I don’t recall a lot, but I definitely learnt a lot from meeting him (albeit briefly).  I had been very much in serious horny slut mode which definitely lead me to make some poor choices.  I think it was around the time I’d discovered TheMaster had to postpone his upcoming trip, so it was going to be a lot longer before I’d see him again.

After a bit of back-forth chat, we decided to meet one afternoon.  It was a dark, dreary day and we met in a discrete parking area.  The Little Prick was different in person to what I expected – a little less polished, definitely a little awkward and his voice was surprisingly effeminate.  But I was in extreme horny slut mode and needed to fuck.

I took his cock in my mouth and worked Magenta’s magic.  Things weren’t great to start with during our meetup but they went further downhill from here.  The Little Prick had trouble putting on a condom and exclaimed “that’s a girl’s job” – Little Prick Moment #1.  He seemed to have a little trouble staying hard and assured me this hadn’t happened to him before…..sure.  After he came (he didn’t even get me off, what a waste), he tossed the condom to the side….giving him an incredulous look and exclaiming “that’s disgusting, there’s bins around” – Little Prick Moment#2 he tried to back track and say he was going to put it in the bin.

I didn’t hear from The Little Prick after our meetup….no gratitude, nothing.  I guess I could’ve said thanks to him but it shouldn’t have to always be me – definitely another Little Prick Moment.

Several weeks later, he messaged me out of the blue wanting to get back in touch.  I called him out on not even thanking me for meeting up with him and he tried to grovel and apologise, saying things like “all the young girls don’t even know how to suck cock”, “you have the best body, all these girls are skinny as… have the best ass”.  Nice to be complimented perhaps, but no – I was never seeing him again.


9 thoughts on “The Little Prick

      1. Yes I understand that – plus I think (speaking for myself) coming out of a long-term relationship we are often hungry for experience and passion and touch and we get confused about what’s on offer – or, as you say, deciding on our standards!

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