In the middle of the night x x

I think I’d drifted off to sleep, I thought we both had…..but somehow his lips found mine and we kissed hungrily.  Was I awake? Was I dreaming?

I am very rarely aware of my dreams at night……so it had to have been real.

It was delicious. I greedily grasped for as much as I could, breathing him in. He was just as intoxicating as the night I met him.

That moment made me feel wanted, desired, yearned for…

It made me think of early morning/middle of the night random sessions in the very early days with hubby.  I know this is the sort of stuff that needs to be constantly worked on in relationships.  I wondered ….did he do this to his wife?  It made me feel electrified, who wouldn’t want that?

I have tried to smother hubby in kisses in recent times, with little effects.  Maybe I need to try again.


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