THAT dress

Feeling a bit offended that TheHipster hadn’t complimented my appearance, when I’d taken care to look especially nice, I told a couple of playmates I’d been chatting to about the encounter.

I sent one of them, Beefy, a snap of the dress and he confirmed that I looked hot.

I was reluctant in sending a snap to TheMaster as I was unsure of his attraction to me at this point in time…..did he rate me as highly as I did him?  TheMaster, being TheMaster, managed to get me to send a pic, playfully demanding “show me!!” in one message.

He responded with something along the lines of “I would most definitely have that dress hiked up around your waist, legs in arms, cock in deep”…….!!!!!! damnnnnn, he made me gasp.

I sent him another snap of me sitting down, skirt slightly raised giving a peek of my suspender tights, to which he replied “slut lol”. He made me smile. My kind of cheeky indeed.


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