The Exec

I had to travel out of town for work and after initially being hopeful that it would coincide with a date when TheMaster was also going to be in the same town, it unfortunately fell on a date when he wasn’t.  So I decided to explore the natives in the area via TheSite.

I came across TheExec’s ad, who mentioned he’d recently come out of a long-term relationship (LTR) and had missed intimacy and affection.  I wasn’t typically fond of ads which mentioned things like ‘I’m hot’ or how attractive they were, which TheExec did state, but I thought I’d look him up on messenger regardless.

We chatted in the couple of days leading up to my trip and he seemed decent enough. Exchanging some obscure body shots, there was enough mutual attraction there.  At the end of chatting one night,  he mentioned something about his messenger pic being the ‘likeness’ of him a couple of years ago.  I was a bit taken aback as I hadn’t  come across anyone using ‘fake’ pics before, but his justification was that it wasn’t a good look for him to be openly out looking for casual sex if his ex were to find out…..even though he didn’t advertise this pic, it was only on his messenger profile, and typically players didn’t use a face pic in their profile in order to maintain anonymity. This was a definite red flag for me but I thought I’d say hi if our timings happened to work whilst I was in town. Unfortunately he got caught up in a meeting and we were unable to meet, but he said he sometimes came to my home town and would be in touch when he did.

That time didn’t come for some months. I heard from him out of the blue late one afternoon, saying that he was in my area.  I reminded him that I was attached and I needed notice to plan such meet ups.  I was a bit shocked when he came out with that he too was attached, and with kids, as this was not what he’d presented when we first started chatting.  I called him on this and he admitted to being a bad liar – a massive immediate red flag for me.  Why risk playing with someone who couldn’t keep track of their stories? How did someone who was a bad liar hide this from their partner?  I went off at him and told him thanks but no thanks.

TheExec tried to grovel and then went onto ask if I’d be his ‘wingman’ – i.e. coaching him on what other potential playmates wanted.  I didn’t mind his conversation, so I continued to chat with him.  I introduced TheExec to a feature of messenger which allowed you to send disappearing photos. He was impressed by this, “see, I knew you were cool”.  We chatted about various play experiences and I told him about TheMaster.  Initially he told me he wanted someone to talk about him the way I spoke of TheMaster, but he clearly just didn’t seem to ‘get it’. TheMaster was the master because he was perfect and effortless in every fibre of his being. TheExec spoke of treating ‘his girls’ to lavish dinners (he liked the ‘foreplay’ of a dinner) and classy hotels….things that wreaked of ‘affair’ to me, which was not at all what I was after.  I told him that I could do neither – either in my hometown or his, as it was too risky.  And besides, he didn’t seem like the sort of guy worth being risky for.

TheExec continued to try and win me over but after initially calling TheMaster ‘a legend’ he started bashing him a bit, accusing him of someone who was ‘playing me’ and enjoyed ‘flings’ rather than developing something ongoing with a playmate.  TheExec was also rather disparaging and suggestive of TheMaster being ‘lower class’ (not that he said those exact words).

There’s nothing more off-putting than someone trying to win you over by putting others down, so I stopped chatting to TheExec.





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