The GreekGod

The GreekGod was another great learning lesson in following The Manifesto.

I found the GreekGod and casually said hello on messenger but didn’t expect to hear from him – his profile pic presented him very chiseled and an exceptionally hot body, coupled with being incredibly well-endowed.

To my surprise, we entered into some friendly chat and quickly took a liking to each other. Like other players I had chatted to recently, the GreekGod echoed others’ thoughts that I was genuine and friendly….something rare on TheSite.   I found it off-putting that the GreekGod liked to use a lot of kiss emoticons in chat, but it was entertaining and I went along with it.  He asked me if I used Skype, which I didn’t, but I sent him a voicemail message…..I know that I have a sexy voice at times and it’s something I can definitely play up.

I liked his cheeky playful banter, he sent me a snippet of a tune playing on the radio….a pop tune with lyrics about hunting – funny, cute and definitely my style.

We met up casually to gauge our thoughts on each other.  I do love lifts, when you can get a moment alone in them…….discrete and incredibly hot. So I suggested meeting in a spot that had a lift.  I spotted him, he looked much older than his age in person but I’m not someone who solely bases attraction on looks so I thought I’d give him a chance. After waiting a minute for the lift, we finally found ourselves solo and jumped in.  We pashed and it was hot, it definitely got me wet, he walked me back to my car, we groped each other a little before parting ways.

We arranged to meet a few days later in a discrete parking area.  I got into his car and we kissed…..not really my style of kisser but I do think you need to give things a chance sometimes.   I took his cock in my mouth, it was much less scary in person – definitely not as big as it appeared in photos but then again it wasn’t fully erect.  He said he was too horny to get fully hard, which I found odd, but he put on a condom and we had a quick unsatisfying fuck before he came……it was all a bit of an odd experience.  He had to rush off to go to work and didn’t make any comments about me not being satisfied.

I didn’t hear from the GreekGod after that encounter, which I was glad about…..he was definitely lacking in manners and nowhere near the standard of TheMaster.






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