Inhale. Exhale. Hold on


I hope that whoever needs to read these words sees this.

Wishing you all peace, joy and contentment especially during this time of year which can be equally difficult as it is wonderful for many people.

Hold on.


There you lay next to me, naked. Our bodies touching lightly. Reaching out, I stroked your skin softly. You murmured, but you often murmur. I felt your hard cock and made it known that I wanted you – something I often do without much response.  But this time was different.

Turning your body into mine, we kissed. Not passionate, hungry kisses that I’ve come to enjoy of late but they were enough.  I was already wet and ready for you.

I took your cock inside me. Sliding in, you started to gyrate and it felt so good feeling you inside me. The last time we fucked had been before TheMaster (well, twice with TheMaster and also TheLinguist) and, whilst TheMaster does have a magnificent cock, I do still adore yours, my love.

I guess that’s the power of love and having had a connection for such a period of time. I often cum easily with you, perhaps it’s easier to release and let go.  I wish I was able to let go and have less fear when we communicate verbally.

I got on top and we kissed as I twerked, you simultaneously gyrating at times.  The kisses were still not as passionate as I’d like but they were nonetheless enjoyable. After a little bit, you maneuvered, making it known you wanted to be on top.  I do love you being on top. You still hit me in the right spots, even though you don’t toss me around like TheMaster.  I wonder how you would fill me if you took my legs up in the way that he does?

With you on top, enjoying the rhythm we know so well (well, I hope you feel the same about this – I think we gyrate in tune together no matter how sporadic it happens), I enjoyed every minute.  I loved feeling you climax the way you do….no one else cums in the same way. I love feeling you thrust into me as you cum, almost in a primal manner, erupting in waves and wanting to be drawn into me more.

Wow. It has been so long since we’ve done something similar. I know you enjoyed it, you told me so.  Why don’t we do it more often?


I just had the MOST amazing session with a therapist. What an incredible woman.  I’m excited to head into 2017 with her in my life, helping me navigate myself, my marriage and my husband.

I look forward to recognising more amazing elements of my husband that I know he has and seeing the amazing man I know he can be.

Perhaps people don’t change – it may be the way you view them and understand them that does.  Although, I don’t believe that I haven’t changed – I’m a far different person than what I was when I met my husband.

I’m different because of him.

I’m different because of me.

I’m different because of life experiences that have shaped me.

And I’m grateful for everything that has shaped me – the good, the bad and the ugly.

I look forward to sharing my learnings and maybe even inspiring some of you to ask yourselves more quality questions, just as you, fellow bloggers, both challenge and inspire me to reflect….question….ponder.

The Over Nighter

TheMaster was coming to town and I’d arranged to meet him at a bar, somewhere I thought he might enjoy given he was only ever in town on business and hadn’t done any ‘sightseeing’ so to speak.

I arrived there first and managed to get a table, so I sent him a message of where I was sitting. I was in the bathroom when he arrived and strolling back to the table I saw him sitting there with his back to me.  His hair looked fairer in the light than what I remembered.

I sat down and smiled hello. He looked more gorgeous than I recalled, as I rarely get face pictures from him….his presence made me feel weak, breathless even.  I’d told him in messages before that he definitely rendered me throbbing and breathless quite easily, which he was definitely pleased to hear he had such an effect.

Reaching out to touch me and stroke my arm, I was surprised at how much his presence affected me. Fuck. We ordered some drinks and chatted. He quizzed me as to why I hadn’t kissed him yet despite being in a place where no one knew me, so I leaned over and let him give me a delicate kiss.

After finishing our drinks and some food we’d ordered, he paid (although I offered to pay for mine) and we stepped outside to enjoy the view of the city. We kissed and he quickly suggested ‘getting out of there’ so he could fuck me. Exiting the bar, we managed to find ourselves alone in the elevator, so I jumped up to pash him, wrapping my legs around him to hold myself up. Walking into the lobby, he thoughtfully asked me, being in my hometown, did I want him to hold my hand or just walk out casually together?  We walked out casually together onto the street and grabbed a cab.

After directing the driver, we didn’t waste time enjoying each other’s presence although it was a short cab ride. We pulled up at the discrete entrance to where he was staying and went up to his room.  Putting my things down as we got inside, we undressed and TheMaster voiced his appreciation of my body and what I was wearing. I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth, wrapping my juicy lips around it and sucking it firmly. I continued kissing him up his torso, jumping up as I made it to his lips. Carrying me to the bedroom, he tossed me on the bed and got to work doing what he did best.

Working his tongue inside me and nibbling on my clit, it didn’t take long to have me squirming in pleasure and he obviously couldn’t wait to fuck me too. Placing my legs together and lifting them straight up, he filled me deeply with his cock. Thrusting in and out of me, hitting all the right spots, he was just as incredible as our last play date.  He tilted my legs to the side and continued to fuck me slowly, deeply, with alternating strokes of his cock. I climaxed in a delicious fashion, immediately feeling a high of energy and ecstasy.

I’d parked my car nearby where he was staying, so we got dressed to collect my overnight bag which also had some play outfits in it.  Returning to the room, I made sure he wasn’t looking as I put on a new outfit which was a bit like a bikini one piece – lacey fabric triangles to cover my breasts and a sheer piece over the torso attached to a thong.  TheMaster definitely liked this one, giving me an approving look and compliments. We kissed and I enjoyed taking his cock in my mouth again.  TheMaster quickly decided that I should ride him, so I mounted him reverse-cowgirl style and lowered onto his magnificent cock. He grinded into me as I rode him and lightly played with his balls. After enjoying riding him for a few minutes, TheMaster sat up and maneuvered into doggy and continued to fuck me, filling me more and more with each thrust.  It didn’t take me long to climax and he pulled out of me and came all over my smooth, toned back. It all felt amazing.

Getting in the shower afterwards, we enjoyed cleaning each other and kissing under the running water.  After drying off, we had some dinner and I put on another new outfit for TheMaster, similar to the previous one but a different colour and print. Parading this outfit for him, I enjoyed his appreciation of me and my body, we made our way back to the bedroom again and I decided I wanted to try 69 with him as I’d only had my first experience of that earlier in the week with TheLinguist.  We didn’t last long there as TheMaster once again filled my pussy with his cock, thrusting deep and hard whilst I wrapped my legs around him drawing him in towards me.  Leaning back, he lifted my legs to the side to get me in the spot he knew so well and I came in a blissful climax.

As we got ready to go to sleep, he sweetly asked if I had a ‘side of the bed’ I usually slept on.  I was surprised to learn he didn’t like to sleep nude but he left his shirt off for me.  We enjoyed kissing and snuggling, and fell asleep wrapped in each other.

I was already half-awake when the early alarm TheMaster had set went off and he sleepily snoozed it.  I made my way under the sheets to take his cock in my mouth, I was surprised he later told me that no one had ever woken him like that before.  TheMaster awoke, pulling the sheets off, I made my way back up top and kissed him pressing my body against his, enjoying the feeling of his hard cock against my pussy.  He quickly took charge, as he does best, and directed me to ride him.  I mounted his magnificent member, enjoying the feeling of it sliding into me, filling me. A glorious climax soon ensued.

TheMaster entered me again, this time from behind, and continued to tease me with deep firm strokes building me up once again. It wasn’t long before that we both climaxed in blissful ecstasy.

Afterwards, we kissed and laughed, wondering if we might be disturbing the neighbouring rooms.   We got ready together and upon seeing me in my dress I had put on TheMaster expressed disappointment we didn’t have more time for him to hitch up my sexy dress and fuck me in it.

I dropped him off at where he had to be for the day and as we parted ways, he told me “You are a very sexy, sexy woman”. Fuck. Fuckity. Fuck. Definitely in trouble.









Whilst I would consider myself a fairly emotionally mature person right now, I guess I’ve always had a bit of child-like wonder and naivety, which isn’t always a bad thing.

I have always been an over-thinker, however that also makes me good at my job – so again, not always a bad thing.

I’m sure it’s been apparent to anyone reading, that some of my writing is clearly indicative of some emotional affects of Magenta’s adventures on Me.  After having a great conversation with a dear friend, I’ve realised that I’ve very much been wasting my emotional energy and….well, I’ve perhaps been a bit silly and immature.

Who am I kidding? Players find me sexy.  They know I need attention and affection.  Although not everyone gives it to me the way that I want it…..except TheMaster.   Perhaps he needs to go.  The others I enjoy chatting to are more friendly guys with a common interest of fucking.  Sure, the same could be said about TheMaster – he’s friendly and likes to fuck, but the extra lingering affection gets me….and teasing names as terms of endearment….

Fuck, I don’t know. Over-thinking again 😐

What say you, players of the blogosphere? How do you know when someone is genuine or not? If you are being ‘played’ or manipulated?

The Linguist

I hadn’t been on TheSite in quite a while but decided to have a little browse, restricting my search to those mentioning a hotel or visiting from out of town.

There were a couple of okay-looking ads, one that I decided to look up listed his messenger name rather cryptically. It’s not like TheSite didn’t allow you to list a messenger name – some ads listed coded phone numbers or email addresses, but anyone who used messenger generally just listed their username, so the fact that this guy was cryptic was rather intriguing.

I found his messenger profile and opened up a chat window but didn’t say anything, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to say hi or not.  It was mid-week and so I just left it.

I woke up the next morning to a “Hi”, which had been sent late the night before.  I hesitated but decided to say hi back.  We started chatting and he asked for my stats.  He liked what I told him about myself and we quickly established we were on the same page about many things.  I learned that he was similarly unfulfilled at home, like me, and had been playing for a year or so, having had a couple of successful encounters on his trip to my hometown the previous week.

He was very open in sharing a face pic and I was taken aback by how gorgeous he was….amazing eyes, sandy hair – very much ‘Hollywood’ looks, I almost named him TheDoppelganger for his likeness to a couple of movie stars.   I’m not afraid to admit that I found his looks a bit intimidating but he was very complimentary and flattering about my pics.  He kept telling me to stop downplaying myself.

I sent him a voice clip which he responded to with a clip of his own…it was early morning, he’d just woken up and I was surprised about the deepness of his voice – not at all what I was expecting.  My messenger name is French, which he pronounced expertly in his voice clip.  I later learned that he’d studied French for several years – this, coupled with his ad mentioning a well-trained tongue due to another hobby of his, as well as his mutual love of words, like me, lead him to be named TheLinguist.

TheLinguist was going to be visiting my town a couple of weeks after we started chatting and we enjoyed almost daily flirty banter in the lead-up, interspersed with general conversation.  In one early chat session, he jokingly pointed out that we were getting into some BFF banter territory but didn’t even know each other’s names.  He was easy to talk to and I enjoyed his perspective on things. We spoke of other playmate encounters and I mentioned TheMaster.  TheLinguist was definitely keen to compete for the top spot as my ‘fave’.  I enjoyed his extra attention in his pursuit of this but despite so many odds in his favour, I couldn’t see him out-mastering TheMaster.

The Highline – Part Deux

….continued from Part 1

We joined you in the shower, flanking you, but remained locked in each other’s gaze. Smiling at us both, you stepped aside allowing us to explore each other under the warm running water.  Her skin was soft, delicate – her scent was sweet but intoxicating.  Her eyes drew me in, beckoning me to taste her and I placed my lips on hers as we held each other’s gaze in an almost trance-like stare.  I traveled down her smooth, soft torso with my mouth, pausing as I reached her hips.  Placing my hands on her arse cheeks, I brought her in closer to me as I kissed the tops of her thighs, dancing my lips across her pussy, extending my tongue to taste her.  I found her clit and massaged it gently as the water cascaded over us. 

It took me a moment to notice the water had stopped and that you were standing there, watching us enjoy each other.  Handing us towels to dry off, you lead us over to the bed and she lay back, her eyes begging me to continue exploring her.  I drank up the water from the inside of her thighs where the towel hadn’t touched her skin and she murmured approvingly.   I felt you behind me, grabbing my arse and, before I could react, you buried your face in me, devouring my pussy and making me gasp.  I hinged my hips, convexing my back, my body begging for more, yearning for you to be inside me.  Continuing to explore our dame with my tongue, she writhed, making it known that she was enjoying what I was doing.  Between her gasps and mine, I don’t think you could take it much longer, plunging your cock deep into me, bringing me to ecstasy with each thrust.  

I continued feasting hungrily on our delicious dame as you teased me with your magnificent cock. Bending over me, you reached for my clit with your hand and stroked it as you fucked me deeper, it was electrifying. I could tell our dame was close to climax as she gently squeezed her legs around me and squirmed.  Teasing her, as you love to tease me, I made my way back up her torso replacing my tongue on her pussy with my fingers, I continued to massage her as I kissed her breasts and made my way up to her supple lips.  

Pulling me back, I grinded into you as you brought me to climax all the while I continued massaging the dame.  You pulled out of me and as I felt you coming over my back, I slid down to eat the dame some more, simultaneously massaging her with my hands.  Moments later she gasped and moaned in ecstasy as she came…..letting out the most incredible sound.  

I got up and kissed you as our dame collected herself.  Feeling her body behind me, I turned and she kissed me hungrily with gratitude.  I opened my eyes, peering into hers and felt her energy beaming into me.  

*   *  * 

Later that day, strolling down the Highline on an electrified high, it felt like everyone could feel our energy vibrations….it was magnetic.  

I soon realised that we must’ve had an audience that morning, something that was confirmed when a stunning waitress at the cafe we were eating mentioned some additional specials that weren’t listed on the menu, giving us a note with her number.

This was certainly going to be trip to remember.