The Highline – Part 1

The morning light streamed softly through the sheer drapes covering the large windows….I must have dozed off.

 Remembering our delicious romp earlier made me smile; it felt so good being wrapped in your body.  Hearing you breathing softly as you slept, I felt for your lips with mine and gently opened my eyes as I kissed you. You stirred for a moment before opening your eyes and smiling at me.  Your eyes sparkled and you teased me, pulling away from my kiss, “Uh uh….”, you chided cheekily, before pulling me in, enjoying my lips devouring yours. 

I got up to open the curtains and enjoy the view of the early hustle and bustle-  there were runners and people walking their dogs. I felt your arms wrap around me from behind. Kissing my neck, you announced you were going for a run.

“Bring me something back?” I asked.  You looked at me as if to ask what I wanted. “Surprise me”,  I smiled suggestively, and kissed you goodbye.

Seeing you appear on the path below, I waved as you glanced up to find our room, before you joined the throng of runners chasing their morning endorphins.  I noticed a woman with porcelain skin and medium-length wavy caramel hair setting up a yoga mat. Pulling her hair into a loose ponytail, she glanced around inhaling the morning air, beaming up at me as she caught me watching her.  Her smile was warm and unassuming, even from a distance I could tell she was someone I wanted to know.

Stepping out of the shower, I wrapped myself in a towel and wandered to the window. Glancing out, I see you chatting with someone – a woman.  I realised it was the gorgeous girl I saw earlier.  

I hear the beep of the door unlocking and you stroll towards me, dropping my towel as you pick me up, I inhale your scent….a mix of you and your cologne.  I don’t think you know how much it weakens me, as I hungrily start to devour you. Pulling back, you scold me for rushing; reminding me of my surprise brings me back to the present, I was intrigued.  You head back to the door and open it.  There she is, casually standing across the hallway, looking even more ethereal than I had imagined.  “It’s you”, she smiled, approvingly, she didn’t seem taken aback that I was naked. “Hi, yourself,” I beamed in return.  Giving us a quizzical look, “not so surprised?”, you ask me.  But I didn’t reply as the girl and I took each others hands and approvingly sized each other up. She reached up and pulled out her ponytail, her hair falling to her shoulders as she shook it out.  Brushing some hair off her face, I stroked the back of my hand down her cheek, my hand lingering as it got to her neck and shoulder. She reached up and took my hand, our eyes gazing intently at each other….we were so lost in each other I had no idea where you were. 

She stroked my arm with her other hand, and as she found her way to my back I moved in closer, breathing her in as I helped her undress.

The sound of running water brought us back into the present…..

….part 2 here.

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