…..and there

I discovered I was going to be in TheMaster’s hometown for a conference and fortunately it was on an easy day for him to put a play date in his diary.  This was only a few weeks after he’d been in my hometown so it was quite a treat to have another play date so soon, given there had been a few months between our first and second meet ups.

In the lead up, I’d had second thoughts on whether I should continue to see him as I felt that I was at risk of a key manifesto rule of mine…..that I was starting to like him too much.  I told him that I had pondered whether I should let him go and he quizzed me as to why, asking me in reply was it “Brains? Looks? Distance? You’re not giving me anything”. I laughed at the way he asked and later it made me wonder whether he was at risk of liking me ‘too much’ – something I’m really not great at reading about people, unfortunately. He told me that I could say anything and it wouldn’t stress him too much but he was glad that I told him.  I felt better about it and at the time it helped me moved on.

About a week or so before our play date, I decided to have a little browse on TheSite as I hadn’t been on there in quite some time. I came across someone who seemed worth investigating and I opened up a chat on messenger without sending a message. I received a ‘hi’ from him later that day and hesitated in replying but was glad I did as this guy became TheLinguist – he was a great, fun distraction to over-thinking about TheMaster.  TheLinguist was also from out of town, like TheMaster, but frequently visited due to his work. We got along well and TheLinguist sort-of unknowingly helped me pick out a new outfit for my play date with TheMaster.

TheMaster had sweetly offered to pick me up when I arrived, despite being quite a distance from his part of town. I messaged him when I arrived and he was running late, which gave me a little time to freshen up. When he was nearby, he sent me a message and I replied asking where I should wait but before I could reply I saw him pulling up in his car.  He got out and said hi, putting my bag in the back.  In the car we kissed hello, a delicious, passionate kiss.  He took me in with his eyes, approvingly, and told me how good I looked.  We had a decent drive to where I needed to be and enjoyed easy, pleasant conversation along the way….if I remember correctly, he definitely couldn’t keep his eyes off me.

He dropped me off to check-in as I needed to be careful of running into someone from the conference I was attending and TheMaster had to pick up some essentials.  I took him up to my room when he arrived back at the hotel, slipping off my dress as we got inside.  I was wearing a sexy bodysuit under my dress, something TheMaster had seen in photos but not in person.  He told me again how ‘fucking hot’ I’d looked, how he’d spotted me easily when arriving to pick me up ‘there’s my Magenta’, he told me he’d said to himself, and when dropping me off to check-in, he had noticed me getting some attention – something I’d been completely oblivious to.

Moving into the bedroom, he undressed and it was so good to feel his skin against mine.  As we kissed, he enjoyed teasing me….commanding me to not put lips below his. He made it known that this play date was ALL about me, he couldn’t wait to pleasure me….fill me…. feed me.  We had about 3 hours and he announced that his goal was 6 orgasms…for me.

TheMaster is such a generous and entertaining lover, incredibly attentive and intuitive, looking for cues as to what I enjoyed and what I did not.  After going down on me for a couple of minutes it didn’t take long for him to grab a condom, deciding it was time to “allow” me to have his cock.  As he filled me with his magnificent cock, I came quickly which turned into a second soon after as he slowed down and built me up again, expertly tossing me around in the way that he does. Holy fuck.  TheMaster was certainly mastering me.

We chatted comfortably in between fucking, enjoying making out as well, rarely moving from each other’s reach. We smiled at each other as we kissed, he cheekily teased me with holding back and restricting which lip I could kiss. I loved how affectionate he was, giving me little nuzzles as we pashed – I don’t think I’d ever had someone as affectionate as TheMaster….it was bliss.

I enjoyed taking his cock in my mouth and he told me how good I was at it, but that today was all about me. After a short break, he continued to pleasure me some more and announced I was again allowed to have his cock. Entering me, legs raised, he thrust into me slowly, turning me to the side he continued to fuck me deep….what a phenomenal cock he has, made even better by being the phenomenal cock owner that he is.  He loved teasing me, asking me if I was close, demanding that I made sure I let him know and telling me I wasn’t allowed to climax yet.  The next couple of orgasms were pleasant and delicious but getting to number four was absolute ecstasy.  Giving himself quite the workout, he got me a bonus to the six he was aiming for as number seven quickly followed.  What an incredibly amazing man……so much ecstasy.

Getting into the shower together afterwards, he’d remembered that I had a preference for warmth over cold and sweetly turned up the heat despite his preference for cooler temperatures.  It was nice to wash him clean after he’d taken care of me so well….I don’t think I’d ever felt so indulged before in my life.

I noticed my dress draping over the chair in the bedroom and he told me he’d placed it there as it had been on the floor. Such a sweet man.

After showering, I gave him a little parade of sexy ‘wrapping’ outfits I’d brought up for him. I’d packed his favourite that he’d seen on our last play date, one that included some faux cuffs.  I put them on with the rest of the outfit, ensuring my hands were ‘restrained’ behind my back. I knelt before him and took his cock in my mouth, looking up at him as I enjoyed working my tongue around his knob and taking him in – a position he’d expressed being extremely turned on by.

During our play date I’d mentioned TheLinguist to TheMaster and showed him a face picture I’d been sent. He agreed about how good-looking TheLinguist was, but I assured TheMaster that his top position was firmly in place….not that he needed reassuring.

Unfortunately I had to get to a meeting and TheMaster didn’t have any additional free time during my stay.  He took me to where I had to go and we said goodbye; fortunately he had a trip locked in to visit my home town in the next month so it wouldn’t be long before seeing him again.










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