There was a fairly large gap before my next encounter with TheMaster and so we’d had some time to share various teasing voice clips, images and the odd text convo.

In one memorable clip, he taunted me “I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’re going to be begging me…beggggging me to stop. Then you’re going to plead with me – pleeeaad with me to keep going. I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before”. Damn, I was in trouble!

TheMaster and I conversed about our ‘fucking timetable’ for his trip.  He told me he was enjoying putting together his schedule where each day started and ended with seeing me naked. Yummy, I couldn’t wait.  Leading up to his arrival, I very much felt like a kid waiting for Christmas – I couldn’t wait for TheMaster to ‘show me what I’d been missing’. I loved the way he talked to me – he was so playful and complimentary in a way that I hadn’t experienced before. I liked that he told me I was delicious, and “wow!”.  Conversation with TheMaster was equally entertaining, educational as it was sexy and playful with a touch of friendliness.

On the day he arrived, I did a curious search of his messenger name on TheSite and discovered he’d posted an ad looking for a girl to join us.  Something he knew I was keen to tick off my list of experiences – however in his ad, he’d used a colour picture of me that I’d sent him in identifiable underwear, something he’d promised was for his eyes only.  I was absolutely livid and panicked with fear of being discovered.  After taking what seemed like forever to reply to my messages asking him to remove the ad, he apologised saying he thought the picture was okay as it didn’t show my face. He told me to ‘chill’ but I guess I was a bit nervous leading up to seeing him again in conjunction with being worked up about him using the revealing picture in the ad.

He picked me up from where I parked my car, as we’d decided that was the most discrete way to get into where he was staying.  Despite being in a car it was risky to be affectionate, but he sweetly reached across and put his hand on my leg.  Just prior to meeting him, I’d cheekily removed my underwear , so I guided his hand up my dress and he smiled in delight at feeling me so aroused.

After parking the car, we waited for the lift in the car park lobby which was closed off and pretty safe from being seen.  I kissed him and he playfully pulled back, teasing me to wait. I don’t remember a lot of the details of our second play date but I now know he was unfortunately distracted as he was dealing with another play mate from his hometown who had ‘gone rogue’ and was potentially on the edge of exposing him.  Looking back, it explains a few things but TheMaster still kept his place at the top of my list.

We met once more during his trip, but unfortunately he had to cancel the third meet up we’d planned as the rogue playmate needed to be dealt with. As I’d left some play outfits in his apartment, he met me briefly to return them and we had a nice chat.  I had to go and we kissed before parting…… was so delicious.  I think I might be in trouble.


13 thoughts on “Here….

  1. The hottest part is how much you care about being discrete and not being caught. It shows that there are things about your life good enough to not screew up. More so, it shows you are doing stuff you really shouldn’t be – which is crazy sexy. (I can’t seem to sleep with anyone single – so consider the source.)

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    1. Really? You find that hot? But you mention you wouldn’t ever ‘cheat’ if you were married? Would you ever consider an open marriage or one with blurred monogamy boundaries? i.e. ‘monogamish’ I believe the buzzword is these days…..

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      1. Her friends? Monogamish can mean whatever you want it to mean as a couple – you define your boundaries. Some examples I’ve read in articles on the topic are things like ‘the postcode rule’ where either party can play as long as you’re not in your hometown.
        Her friends as in, you’d happily indulge females in your ‘marital bed’ for you both to play with, but you wouldn’t consider letting another male in??


      2. In giving it further consideration, in my current thinking I think I’d potentially be okay with this if it were with someone like TheMaster, as long as I was always the priority.

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