The Foreigner

TheMaster was due to be in town in a month and since our initial encounter, we’d enjoyed some ongoing, playful chat, exchanging pics and voice clips at times and discussing our sexual appetites and interests.

One such interest was finding another girl for a threesome – something I hadn’t done before but TheMaster had.  I wouldn’t describe myself as bisexual, maybe bi-curious at times…..I can certainly appreciate a beautiful human being and I judge beauty on both soulfulness and personality as much as,or if not more than looks.

Without telling TheMaster, I decided to put up an ad trying my luck at finding a girl. It was a pretty good ad, if I do say so myself – I showed it to some players who I was chatting to at the time and they all echoed my thoughts.  I created a compilation image of TheMaster and I – he was VERY impressed when I showed it to him.  Featuring his incredible cock, my luscious lips and booty, along with snaps of our fit bodies – it was incredibly hot. So it was very surprising that I only received two hits from the ad – one guy who turned out to be a lesson in not sending video clips/following the manifesto and the other was TheForeigner. I would call TheForeigner by his profession, his home country or another descriptor but I fear it would be too revealing.

TheForeigner sent me a message and I discovered he’d come from the ad I posted, despite it being clear about looking for a girl.  After a bit of chat, I discovered he was similarly new to playing, like me, and had only recently discovered TheSite.  TheForeigner was attached, also adored his partner but was neglected at home no matter what he tried.  This topic was something we chatted about a bit, which was nice – it’s not something TheMaster was particularly open or chatty about (what his home life was like), although he often refers to such people as sooks.

TheForeigner and I quickly discovered that we were very much on the same page in terms of what we were looking for, our loose opinions, and that we liked each other enough to meet up.  It turned out TheForeigner was solo at home and he invited me over.  Perhaps a risky undertaking on my part, especially being a fair distance out of my area (over a half hour drive) but he seemed genuine and nice, so I agreed.

I pulled up at TheForeigner’s house and apprehensively got out of my car.  It was a nice place and it made me feel comfortable enough.  He greeted me at the door and was warmer in person than I was expecting.  Inviting me in, I put my things down on the kitchen bench and he offered me a coffee, which I declined.  I jumped up to perch on the kitchen bench and drew him in for a kiss.  It was a delicious kiss and as we continued to make out, I wrapped my legs around his waist and he lifted me off the bench.

We stumbled our way to the bedroom, I could feel his thick cock was already hard. Mmmm. TheForeigner is probably my favourite kisser next to TheMaster, although they are both very different.  TheForeigner is definitely a passionate guy whereas TheMaster is more affectionate and playful as well passionate.

In the bedroom, TheForeigner didn’t waste any time exploring my body. I enjoyed feeling his lips explore my skin… had been some time since I’d had such an experience as my recent play meet ups had unfortunately only been in cars. He pleasured me with his tongue – I love experiencing a man who enjoys to give as much as he enjoys receiving – you could tell TheForeigner certainly enjoyed giving pleasure.

As my sexual experiences to date had been fairly limited, whilst I enjoyed what TheForeigner was doing I didn’t quite recognise the clitoral over-stimulation feeling that I came to learn about.  TheForeigner was still very enjoyable, although he seemed not fussed about fucking which I found a little odd but he did tell me he usually took a long time to cum especially using condoms.  This whole thing of guys taking ages to cum is definitely something I need to explore further – I definitely don’t mind it at all but as someone who is accustomed to knowing when a man is enjoying himself, I find it a little off-putting or like I’ve failed.  Silly, I know.  I also realise that cumming doesn’t necessarily mean a great orgasm.

TheForeigner indulged me anyway, we had an enjoyable fuck by my standards and I had a relatively satisfying climax.  I blew him afterwards and although he took some work, I enjoyed the satisfaction of pleasuring him as he filled my mouth as he came.

We enjoyed each other’s company and kissed a little more afterwards before I had to leave.

All in all a successful play date – I’d happily meet up with TheForeigner again.


3 thoughts on “The Foreigner

    1. If you think this meet up was hot, wait til you read the subsequent play dates with TheMaster!
      “Not fussed about fucking” was that he wasn’t keen on condoms….zero sensitivity, I think prefers oral when not with a ‘bareback’ partner. He indulges me with fucking cos I do love a good cock inside me, but I don’t think he’s ever cum fucking me before (I need to write about our subsequent meet ups).

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