The Highline – Part Deux

….continued from Part 1

We joined you in the shower, flanking you, but remained locked in each other’s gaze. Smiling at us both, you stepped aside allowing us to explore each other under the warm running water.  Her skin was soft, delicate – her scent was sweet but intoxicating.  Her eyes drew me in, beckoning me to taste her and I placed my lips on hers as we held each other’s gaze in an almost trance-like stare.  I traveled down her smooth, soft torso with my mouth, pausing as I reached her hips.  Placing my hands on her arse cheeks, I brought her in closer to me as I kissed the tops of her thighs, dancing my lips across her pussy, extending my tongue to taste her.  I found her clit and massaged it gently as the water cascaded over us. 

It took me a moment to notice the water had stopped and that you were standing there, watching us enjoy each other.  Handing us towels to dry off, you lead us over to the bed and she lay back, her eyes begging me to continue exploring her.  I drank up the water from the inside of her thighs where the towel hadn’t touched her skin and she murmured approvingly.   I felt you behind me, grabbing my arse and, before I could react, you buried your face in me, devouring my pussy and making me gasp.  I hinged my hips, convexing my back, my body begging for more, yearning for you to be inside me.  Continuing to explore our dame with my tongue, she writhed, making it known that she was enjoying what I was doing.  Between her gasps and mine, I don’t think you could take it much longer, plunging your cock deep into me, bringing me to ecstasy with each thrust.  

I continued feasting hungrily on our delicious dame as you teased me with your magnificent cock. Bending over me, you reached for my clit with your hand and stroked it as you fucked me deeper, it was electrifying. I could tell our dame was close to climax as she gently squeezed her legs around me and squirmed.  Teasing her, as you love to tease me, I made my way back up her torso replacing my tongue on her pussy with my fingers, I continued to massage her as I kissed her breasts and made my way up to her supple lips.  

Pulling me back, I grinded into you as you brought me to climax all the while I continued massaging the dame.  You pulled out of me and as I felt you coming over my back, I slid down to eat the dame some more, simultaneously massaging her with my hands.  Moments later she gasped and moaned in ecstasy as she came…..letting out the most incredible sound.  

I got up and kissed you as our dame collected herself.  Feeling her body behind me, I turned and she kissed me hungrily with gratitude.  I opened my eyes, peering into hers and felt her energy beaming into me.  

*   *  * 

Later that day, strolling down the Highline on an electrified high, it felt like everyone could feel our energy vibrations….it was magnetic.  

I soon realised that we must’ve had an audience that morning, something that was confirmed when a stunning waitress at the cafe we were eating mentioned some additional specials that weren’t listed on the menu, giving us a note with her number.

This was certainly going to be trip to remember.



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