The Linguist

I hadn’t been on TheSite in quite a while but decided to have a little browse, restricting my search to those mentioning a hotel or visiting from out of town.

There were a couple of okay-looking ads, one that I decided to look up listed his messenger name rather cryptically. It’s not like TheSite didn’t allow you to list a messenger name – some ads listed coded phone numbers or email addresses, but anyone who used messenger generally just listed their username, so the fact that this guy was cryptic was rather intriguing.

I found his messenger profile and opened up a chat window but didn’t say anything, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to say hi or not.  It was mid-week and so I just left it.

I woke up the next morning to a “Hi”, which had been sent late the night before.  I hesitated but decided to say hi back.  We started chatting and he asked for my stats.  He liked what I told him about myself and we quickly established we were on the same page about many things.  I learned that he was similarly unfulfilled at home, like me, and had been playing for a year or so, having had a couple of successful encounters on his trip to my hometown the previous week.

He was very open in sharing a face pic and I was taken aback by how gorgeous he was….amazing eyes, sandy hair – very much ‘Hollywood’ looks, I almost named him TheDoppelganger for his likeness to a couple of movie stars.   I’m not afraid to admit that I found his looks a bit intimidating but he was very complimentary and flattering about my pics.  He kept telling me to stop downplaying myself.

I sent him a voice clip which he responded to with a clip of his own…it was early morning, he’d just woken up and I was surprised about the deepness of his voice – not at all what I was expecting.  My messenger name is French, which he pronounced expertly in his voice clip.  I later learned that he’d studied French for several years – this, coupled with his ad mentioning a well-trained tongue due to another hobby of his, as well as his mutual love of words, like me, lead him to be named TheLinguist.

TheLinguist was going to be visiting my town a couple of weeks after we started chatting and we enjoyed almost daily flirty banter in the lead-up, interspersed with general conversation.  In one early chat session, he jokingly pointed out that we were getting into some BFF banter territory but didn’t even know each other’s names.  He was easy to talk to and I enjoyed his perspective on things. We spoke of other playmate encounters and I mentioned TheMaster.  TheLinguist was definitely keen to compete for the top spot as my ‘fave’.  I enjoyed his extra attention in his pursuit of this but despite so many odds in his favour, I couldn’t see him out-mastering TheMaster.

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