Whilst I would consider myself a fairly emotionally mature person right now, I guess I’ve always had a bit of child-like wonder and naivety, which isn’t always a bad thing.

I have always been an over-thinker, however that also makes me good at my job – so again, not always a bad thing.

I’m sure it’s been apparent to anyone reading, that some of my writing is clearly indicative of some emotional affects of Magenta’s adventures on Me.  After having a great conversation with a dear friend, I’ve realised that I’ve very much been wasting my emotional energy and….well, I’ve perhaps been a bit silly and immature.

Who am I kidding? Players find me sexy.  They know I need attention and affection.  Although not everyone gives it to me the way that I want it…..except TheMaster.   Perhaps he needs to go.  The others I enjoy chatting to are more friendly guys with a common interest of fucking.  Sure, the same could be said about TheMaster – he’s friendly and likes to fuck, but the extra lingering affection gets me….and teasing names as terms of endearment….

Fuck, I don’t know. Over-thinking again 😐

What say you, players of the blogosphere? How do you know when someone is genuine or not? If you are being ‘played’ or manipulated?

10 thoughts on “….thoughts

  1. If you’re enjoying the play and getting what you want from it, where’s the harm? It’s not silly or immature at all. My advice, fwiw is enjoy but if you start to fall for any of them in any way back that truck up and walk away. Enjoy hearing your adventures,
    Ava 😍

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    1. Thanks Ava 😘
      I guess, I was pondering making genuine connections with others in such circumstances as these. Not necessarily love…..but is it naive to think that genuine friendship/connection is possible?
      Are we just all unresourcefully fulfilling our needs for connection and uncertainty (6 core human needs)? ie. is everyone ‘using’ each other? I hate having to consider manipulation & such things as that’s never been me, but I understand there’s both good and bad manipulation if you consider EQ/EI.

      I realised after a couple of lovely social days that I think I’ve been missing fulfilling my need for connection and unresourcefully seeking to find such fulfilment with playmates. I need to get back into my consistent exercise & find some social things to do more often.

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      1. Oh Magenta… I think we’d be great friends ;). I hear you completely… have been collecting connections that fill different needs, but they sometimes feel too disconnected – compartmentalized – and I’m flitting about fulfilling one need at a time. But I do think there is potential for a fwb arrangement that is real fucking & real friendship. Without drama. When I’m certain, I’ll let you know 🙂

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  2. Oh I know there is potential out there for a great fwb. If you don’t believe in the potential then you won’t find it. I think I could be decent fwb with TheForeigner but a great fwb connection shouldn’t require such work & effort, but perhaps I’m over thinking that. Maybe I just need to ask TheForeigner what he needs to be sexually fulfilled (ie he seems to prefer bjs to fucking cos of condoms) and maybe I need to tell him what I need. The thing is that TheMaster just does what I need, hence he is such bliss to me and a definite mind fuck!
    Ps. I’m flattered, I’d love to be friends! 🙂

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