I just had the MOST amazing session with a therapist. What an incredible woman.  I’m excited to head into 2017 with her in my life, helping me navigate myself, my marriage and my husband.

I look forward to recognising more amazing elements of my husband that I know he has and seeing the amazing man I know he can be.

Perhaps people don’t change – it may be the way you view them and understand them that does.  Although, I don’t believe that I haven’t changed – I’m a far different person than what I was when I met my husband.

I’m different because of him.

I’m different because of me.

I’m different because of life experiences that have shaped me.

And I’m grateful for everything that has shaped me – the good, the bad and the ugly.

I look forward to sharing my learnings and maybe even inspiring some of you to ask yourselves more quality questions, just as you, fellow bloggers, both challenge and inspire me to reflect….question….ponder.


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