There you lay next to me, naked. Our bodies touching lightly. Reaching out, I stroked your skin softly. You murmured, but you often murmur. I felt your hard cock and made it known that I wanted you – something I often do without much response.  But this time was different.

Turning your body into mine, we kissed. Not passionate, hungry kisses that I’ve come to enjoy of late but they were enough.  I was already wet and ready for you.

I took your cock inside me. Sliding in, you started to gyrate and it felt so good feeling you inside me. The last time we fucked had been before TheMaster (well, twice with TheMaster and also TheLinguist) and, whilst TheMaster does have a magnificent cock, I do still adore yours, my love.

I guess that’s the power of love and having had a connection for such a period of time. I often cum easily with you, perhaps it’s easier to release and let go.  I wish I was able to let go and have less fear when we communicate verbally.

I got on top and we kissed as I twerked, you simultaneously gyrating at times.  The kisses were still not as passionate as I’d like but they were nonetheless enjoyable. After a little bit, you maneuvered, making it known you wanted to be on top.  I do love you being on top. You still hit me in the right spots, even though you don’t toss me around like TheMaster.  I wonder how you would fill me if you took my legs up in the way that he does?

With you on top, enjoying the rhythm we know so well (well, I hope you feel the same about this – I think we gyrate in tune together no matter how sporadic it happens), I enjoyed every minute.  I loved feeling you climax the way you do….no one else cums in the same way. I love feeling you thrust into me as you cum, almost in a primal manner, erupting in waves and wanting to be drawn into me more.

Wow. It has been so long since we’ve done something similar. I know you enjoyed it, you told me so.  Why don’t we do it more often?


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