Risky Risque Rendezvous

“Flight 455 departing 18:00, arriving 19:45. My cock in you 20:05”.

Fuck.Me. What a delightful thought.

TheMaster was in neutral territory (not in his hometown nor mine) on business. We’d been enjoying some typical, cheeky sporadic banter as we went about our respective work days. I was disappointed to recently learn he would not be visiting my town this month, as previously thought. Whilst I’d enjoyed some recent play meet ups, there was still no one comparable to TheMaster.

Sometime during the afternoon, TheMaster sent through some flight details. Being in the midst of work, I misread and thought he was sending details of him visiting my town, however I realised he was sending suggested flights for me to go to him.  I looked up the flights out of interest but they were ridiculously expensive and, besides, such an adventure would leave too much of a paper trail.

After telling TheMaster how ridiculously expensive such a trip would cost he told me he had so many frequent flyer points he’d be able to cover my flights.  Wow. Was he being serious?? I quizzed him about how this would be possible without a serious paper trail, but he seemed to think it wouldn’t be overly risky as he would receive the tickets to his email.  He would need to know my name, however – something we didn’t know about each other yet as we’d only met once at this stage, a couple of months earlier.

Unfortunately the discovery of frequent flyer points (TheMaster had forgotten about them) was too late in the piece to make such an adventure a reality, plus it would be one fraught with many risks – being seen at the airport to name a big one. An overnight escape wouldn’t be a big deal, the early morning return flight would have me landing 2 hours before work, unless there was a flight delay.

I pondered whether such an exhilarating adventure would be too risky to pull off.

Perhaps, but perhaps not.

Maybe I will get to find out….


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