“The quality of your life depends on the quality of the questions you ask yourself on a daily basis”

I have told a couple of friends about Magenta recently.

Although I did originally intend to keep this part of my life completely secret, when I first realised I had some serious questions over what I wanted my life to be……I found myself needing to ponder things out loud.  I’m grateful to have a couple of good friends who also enjoy discussing things in the personal growth space, who I didn’t think would be too burdened by my revelation despite my initial reservations.

One discussion lead to me meeting this wonderful woman I’ve started working with (I actually saw someone who was not my cup of tea a few days before meeting her, so I undoubtedly know she was a great find).  The first friend I told encouraged seeking relationship counseling, as she had been to a single session with her partner that they both found invaluable even as a one-off.  Whilst couples therapy is something I have thought about several times, and I would like to do with hubby at some stage, I wanted to work on being able to communicate better first as I think that will make couples therapy much more fruitful. After telling my second friend, she suggested seeing someone solo to explore my questions on what I want in life.

In separate musings with both friends, they both echoed thoughts along the lines of….whatever I chose to do, whatever eventuates out of this self-discovery…. I would survive and find new things to replace whatever I would lose from my current life. Whilst we have no children, I have several relationships out of my relationship with husband, that I absolutely adore and I cannot imagine not having these people in my life.  If I were no longer with husband, I would definitely lose most of those relationships which I cherish dearly, which would be devastating for sure.

I spoke to this second friend recently, who challenged me on what I want.  What do I want for me?  For my life? How do I fulfill myself?  This friend is very much a believer in fulfilling oneself, in order to have a truly fulfilling and intimate relationship – which I completely agree with. How can you love another without loving yourself?

I have improved in leaps and bounds on loving and accepting myself in recent years, but I’m aware of needing to do much more and that it’s not a fast process.

So with all of this, and the quote at the top of this post, in mind; I’d like to explore some quality questions over the coming posts.  I’d love to explore how others find answers in honouring their true selves and I look forward to anything anyone wishes to contribute.




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