Clarity from presence

After being chided by a friend recently for being in contact with TheMaster whilst undertaking therapy in pursuit of improving my marriage, together with my new-found enlightenment in presence and self-love, I decided to take a break from messaging TheMaster.

Being on day 4 of no contact, I’m feeling much clearer and lighter – it was most definitely affecting my presence and my thoughts.

I recognise that whilst he had told me my messaging didn’t bother him at all and that he didn’t want me to ‘go away’, it was greatly detracting from me being present.  By not being present, this heightened my tendencies toward anxiety and negative emotions.

I have enjoyed feeling more able to journal, something which I have struggled to do – which I put down to lacking presence.  Out of journalling, I am feeling a lot calmer and more in tune with the situation more objectively rather than getting swept up in day dreams and frivolous thoughts.

Looking at things more objectively has certainly given me a new perspective, as has giving myself more self-love, respect and owning what I am feeling rather than allowing my feelings to be triggered by the actions of others. I feel like I’m seeing my current circumstances with TheMaster a lot clearer, in my objective state, than I was when being subjective – and I’m enjoying the peace that this brings.


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