Up shit creek….

A conversation* with TheMaster

Master: So now that you have had some air from yesterday, wish to care or just forget?

Magenta: Care or forget?

Master: Yesterday.  It seemed to be a mofo of a day.

Magenta: Well, in my case I have to accept/acknowledge and push through.   Mofo of a day for you?

Master: I have had better days….but no, my reference was about your day you dork.  Showing a caring concerned side.

Magenta: I know doofus.  Sir doofus.  I answered lol.

Master: Captain Doofus. Lol

Magenta: Captain? Lol why captain now?

Master: Just sounds funnier

Magenta: Lol that it does.  Unfortunately a bit FML at the moment.

Master: I’m sorry to hear that.

Magenta: Thank you 😘

Master: Guess we are both in the same boat. Let’s go for a row shall we. Lol

Magenta: Same same but different lol. A row sounds good – wanna swap for a bit lol?

Master: Well, I’ll take my boat, you take yours, let’s meet at the island way over there and fuck our concerns away.

Magenta: Mmmmmmm yes please.  I think things would be infinitely better.

Master: ✅✅✅


*Yes I am messaging with him again but I’m also conscious of being aware of how it affects my presence.


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