….It’s been a while

Hi there.  It’s me, Magenta.

Yes, I’m still here.

There has been plenty going on in my world – as there has been in others’ worlds in the blogosphere here, it would appear.

I don’t quite know where to start….let’s see.

TheMaster came and went. His visit was lovely and at the time I felt really good about where we were – that I enjoyed him as friend and perhaps we could become good friends who fucked. Then a week later I felt all over the shop about things, so I’m a bit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  at the moment.

Out of TheMaster‘s visit, I acquired some new friends via an ad I posted after again discussing my desire to hunt for another girl to join us.  I went for a different angle with this ad, describing my ‘why’ more than previous ads I’d tried.  I listed things that I loved….soft skin, lips, delicious gentlemanly cocks (to name a few)….hoping to illustrate my bi-curiousity and the type of person I preferred to attract.

It was my most successful listing to date, picking up two couples, several guys (typical, unfortunately),  and actually a handful of girls to my amazement.  One whom has promise, but is from out of town so I am yet to meet her.

I also happened to acquire an intriguing new playmate whom I think I will name TheBull.  We have been chatting very regularly since he found me (I almost dismissed him as he really did not speak my language at the start – quite literally – being from another country albeit one with English as its mother tongue).  I’m glad he managed to get me to video chat as he is quite cute, a nice guy, and has lots of interesting experiences from which I have already learned a bit.

TheLinguist will be in town soon, so we will catch up although it will be a very brief trip for him.  I must get back to finishing the post on his first visit, it’s taken me forever to write – partly from forgetting details and partly because we had 4 play dates in quick succession.

More to come – stay tuned! 🙂



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