The could-have-been ‘perfect week’

*I didn’t get around to finishing this post last year, so apologies for being out of sequence. Some of the details are a little hazy too unfortunately but I did write half of it fairly fresh – it just didn’t get finished!

TheLinguist was arriving in town at the start of the week and the plan was to enjoy each other as much as possible in between his business meetings.  We were meeting in the evening on the day he landed; followed by the next morning/lunch-time and evening; followed by the next morning and evening; and finally the morning when he left. So 4 days in a row with 7 ‘play dates’.

This was on top of TheMaster being in town a couple days after TheLinguist left.  I was going to be a busy gal – 5 days out of 7. As Barney would say, an almost ‘perfect week‘….in Magenta’s world at least!

Unfortunately a few meetings interrupted plans with TheLinguist, so we only ended up having 4 delightful play dates.

Meeting 1

I was battling the tail end of a cold, so it was a bit of touch-and-go as to whether we’d meet the day he arrived as originally planned. But meet we did.

Uncannily, the circumstances were rather similar to meeting TheMaster.
It was rainy.
I was in gym gear.
He met me outside the apartment he was staying at.

Even though in the lead up, I felt the most friendly with TheLinguist – out of any other playmates I’d met – in the immediate hours preceding our first meet up I was suddenly a little nervous. I was definitely feeling on the tubby side, being sickly certainly added to feeling unattractive – definitely not the hot babe he might be expecting. Yes, I was being a typical female.

Ahead of our initial meeting, TheLinguist certainly ticked many boxes of Magenta’s Manifesto – most importantly, at this moment in time, I felt 99% certain he was someone I was definitely not at risk of liking too much. We had decent friendship foundation, in my opinion, yes decent flirting but he was more chatty than TheMaster so he was far less frustrating. Not that I don’t think I could be mates with The Master, or would consider him a mate……it feels like there’s just something else there, well to me at least.

He was waiting for me outside where he was staying, he wasn’t as tall as I imagined.  In spotting me outside of my car he sent me a message saying I was just as he had pictured.  Approaching him, I smiled hello and we went inside.  There were quite a few people waiting for the elevators so we hung back a little and waited for the next one.  Getting in the lift, we pashed but got interrupted by the lift stopping.

We got to his room and he showed me his huge apartment, giving me a key and the details to the parking spot he’d arranged for me.  Kissing some more, we made our way to one of the bedrooms and undressed.  Already wet in anticipation, it wasn’t long before we were fucking.  TheLinguist seemed to enjoy being on top and face to face, rather than maneuvering to hit the right spots like TheMaster.  Thrusting firmly, it was still an enjoyable quick fuck and it didn’t take long for us to both climax.  I didn’t have much time (hence it was quick), so I got dressed and we parted ways, both looking forward to meeting again in the morning.

The Second

The next morning, I arrived at TheLinguist’s apartment and let myself in. Climbing into bed whilst TheLinguist was still dozing, I kissed him good morning. He smiled sleepily, his gorgeous eyes sparkling – despite the early hour – and pulled me in for a warm embrace.  We kissed some more and, making my way down south, I took his cock in my mouth, spending some time working the shaft and massaging the head with my tongue, the way I enjoy doing.  There’s nothing I love more than knowing a man is enjoying what I do, and TheLinguist was clearly enjoying it all.  After finding his morning mojo, TheLinguist took charge, returning the favour, showing the other reasons why I he has his nickname – he certainly is quite good at using his tongue in many ways.  Soon after he entered me and we enjoyed an invigorating morning fuck.  It was delicious, relaxed and friendly. I really do enjoy how simple things are with TheLinguist.

The Long Lunch

A lunch time quickie was something that had been on my ‘fuckit list’ for a long time and although TheForeigner and I had already had a brief lunch time meet up, it wasn’t quite as satisfying as I’d hoped so I wasn’t ready to cross it off my list. TheLinguist was happy to oblige and kept a free spot in his schedule for me to drop by on my lunch break.

I swiped my way in to find him working away at his laptop, he looked up with his gorgeous smile upon seeing me. There’s certainly something about being looked at in such a way, TheLinguist is certainly a beautiful man and a really nice guy.  Standing up, he pulled me in for a delicious kiss and we quickly undressed, moving to the bedroom.  Oddly enough, something I was yet to really do with someone was 69.  In discovering this, TheLinguist was quite aghast and insisted upon initiating me.   I have since tried it with TheMaster, who didn’t seem to be quite a fan, but it was most enjoyable with TheLinguist and I look forward to enjoying it again with him.

After enjoying some time pleasuring and teasing each other in this position, we had a quick satisfying fuck.

The Fourth

Unfortunately TheLinguist had a meeting run over and so we didn’t get to meet up again after our midday rendezvous, but we saw each other again the next morning.

I let myself in again and climbed into bed next to him. He truly is a delight to wake up, the way that his eyes sparkle is quite magical.  We enjoyed each other’s touch, skin and kissing for a little longer this morning.  I mounted his cock reverse cow-girl and we got to enjoy watching ourselves fuck as the wardrobe had mirrored doors. He tossed me around a little, enjoying a few different positions before we both blissfully climaxed, collapsing in a heap together.  TheLinguist echoed my thoughts around wondering why more people don’t wake up in such a way as we had the last two mornings.

TheLinguist and I enjoyed friendly, easy conversation as I got ready for work.  Unfortunately our plans for another evening meet up were thwarted by a family member of his who had heard he was in town and insisted on catching up.

After parting ways, TheLinguist sent me a lovely message thanking me for an amazing week.  Since our initial meeting, we’ve enjoyed some pleasant sporadic chat and I look forward to catching up with him when he’s in town next.


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