Why him?

I recently caught up with TheLinguist, after not having seen him since we first met and had several playdates during his last visit to my hometown.

It was really lovely to see him and he echoed the same sentiments. TheLinguist and I seem to have a really relaxed and easy friendship, if I can call it that already (as this was only his 2nd trip to my hometown, although we saw each other 4 times during his first visit). We definitely speak the same language I feel, which helps a lot in being able to be easygoing and understanding of each other.

Unfortunately I was out of action during TheLinguist’s visit, but it was nice to enjoy some skin and delicious kisses along with some blowjob practice….something I never get to do enough, that I thoroughly enjoy.

TheLinguist and I enjoyed relaxed, comfortable banter as well as the warmth and affection we seem to be able to naturally share, somehow without the lurk of added emotion, which gives cause for further reflection on my feelings for TheMaster.

I don’t know why I seem to feel genuine warmth, playfulness and desire from TheLinguist without feeling like there’s anything more than just that, unlike with TheMaster. It doesn’t feel cold or transactional at all with TheLinguist. Just like two friends who get along and like to fuck. There’s certainly enough attraction, desire and communication for great sex – but we have other great conversations too.

Something I’ve been meaning to post about for sometime, is my recent introduction to the philosophies of Alain de Botton.  In particular, his views on love and relationships in the modern era.  This amazing man was introduced to me by my wonderful therapist and listening to some of his talks, along with reading, has definitely opened up many new perspectives for me.  I do want to post separately about my own breakthroughs and thoughts since discovering Alain de Botton, but for now I reference him as I wonder why I feel the way I do about TheMaster….?  Am I simply letting myself be carried away by romantic fantasies which happen to feature him the most because he was my first real playmate?

Why TheMaster and not TheLinguist? Why not TheBull*?

*background to follow soon


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