Magenta’s Men

I thought I’d do a recap on the current men in my life – whether their presence is sporadic or regular, and their current status from my perspective.

*Edited to add who would play these guys in a movie… much as I like to be as anonymous as possible, I thought I may as well give an idea of how lucky I am –  although how much of a likeness these guys are to the actors I name could be debated. I’d say who would play Magenta, but that would really be telling! 😜


TheMaster is obviously well known throughout my blog as a prominent character.  At this point in time, I think I’m resigned to the fact that whilst he has been a prominent character in Magenta’s world, he won’t be a prominent character in mine.  TheMaster has a lot going on in his life (who doesn’t?) and whilst he has commented several times (including as recently as last week) that he enjoys spending time with me just chilling, I don’t know what he wants or sees for us.  I can only assume that he wants an uncomplicated casual sporadic friendship (I don’t even know if he considers us friends) whenever he is in town – although I realise making assumptions can be dangerous.  I’d cast Gabriel Macht (or his most famous character, Harvey Specter), as TheMaster. 



MrAnonymous  TheBull**

I was originally going to call this guy something else, however he does state quite often how private he is and as we have gotten to know each other more (albeit virtually and not in person), I thought to ask him if he minded being written about. He was a bit iffy, so I thought I’d call him MrAnonymous in the meantime.  We met a couple of times at the end of the same week that TheMaster was here and MrAnonymous is definitely an interesting guy. He is unfortunately also from out of town, but is going to be moving to my town in the future.  He has been involved with playmates in the past whose husbands knew and approved.  I’d like to be able to explore this with my husband – but there’s that pesky communication issue to overcome first.  MrAnonymous was a lot colder in person than I was expecting, he’s much warmer on chat and video chat, but I get that he was perhaps nervous, maybe a little shy in person.  When I queried him on this later, he admitted to playing cool but he was also under a bit of personal stress and had been experiencing some muscular pain at the time which he didn’t let on how much it was affecting him.   Prior to meeting, we chatted quite a lot and he was a bit intense initially but it was a cute – so to experience him a lot cooler in person was unexpected.  I really enjoyed what we spoke about and the things he was interested to explore with me – he’d had quite a lot of experience in the players world from a young age.  Whilst we didn’t get to play much during our meet ups, the time we did play was quite exceptional in the end – brief, but unlike any other climax I’ve experienced.  Now that we have been chatting regularly, I truly cannot wait until we play again. MrAnonymous would be played by Kit Harrington, best known as Jon Snow from GoT. **Edited to add that MrAnonymous can be officially confirmed as TheBull. More about him to follow soon!


I haven’t seen TheForeigner in quite sometime although we chat briefly every so often, maybe once a month. It’s a bit random really but, like TheLinguist, I feel quite comfortable and friendly with TheForeigner – definitely no inkling of liking him too much. He is a nice guy, great kisser, speaks my language enough although the sex isn’t quite there yet.  I’m not quite sure if we will play again as our schedules are clashing a lot this year thus far but he seems to like keeping me on the radar. TheForeigner would be played by a very young Viggo Mortensen.


TheLinguist is more sporadic than TheForeigner, he speaks my language very well – we both love words, but as I posted recently there’s definitely no feelings of more there at all despite a lot of comfortable warmth and getting along well.  We haven’t chatted since I last saw him – which doesn’t bother me in the slightest. TheLinguist would be played by a young Bradley Cooper.


TheKid is someone I haven’t written about yet but I chat to sporadically.  We met very briefly once last year just to say hi.  He’s very cute in person and his ad that I contacted him from had one of the best body photos I’ve seen to date – not his actual body (well he had an impressive back and glutes) but the artistic nature of the photo. We haven’t played and I’m not sure we will but he’s an interesting guy to chat to occasionally. Given I have only met TheKid once, and very briefly, it’s hard to say who would play him.  I think I’d have to say a younger Ryan Phillipe.



25 thoughts on “Magenta’s Men

  1. Sometimes I wonder what having several men in my life would be like but I am so in love with my husband and what we share is so unique and precious. The I can’t imagine making love could be better than what we have, now. But you certainly make it sound delicious!

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    1. Ohhh what you have is what I strive for, despite what it may sound like. I must get around to reading your blog as I only discovered you via your follow (thanks!). I would love if my husband was the sort of guy I could go out and play with (as a couple) but he’s never been into sex as far as what we’ve shared (although, maybe he’s been hiding his interest from me). But I’ve only recently realised how important sex is to my soul nourishment….

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  2. Paul and I have grown by leaps and bounds (and tongues, cock and..ahem, pussy). We love to play and things just keep improving as we are mutually interested and open to each other’s desires. I hope that your hubs cums around and starts showing his true interests in you!! I’m pulling for you! 🙂

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  3. I love how you say that sex nourishes your soul. It is lifeblood in our marriage, healing us each time we intertwine. When Paul fills me with his seed, there is a boost of energy that originates deep within me. Every time he cums in me I feel it, aside from the rejuvenation I get from my orgasms!

    I hope he listens when you start to talk with him. I hope he hears your heart!

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    1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I couldn’t agree more. I know the energy boost you speak of – that’s one of my favourite things about sex, unfortunately hubs seems to get drained & tired after 😕
      I used to love feeling him cum inside me but as I don’t take artificial oral contraceptives anymore it’s sadly not something we can do at the moment 😔

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      1. My hubby had a vasectomy several years ago so I get to have his cum in me whenever and however we want. Heaven on earth is having him lick me clean and give me another orgasm after he fills me.

        It was freeing to have Paul give us both this gift.

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      2. Not bareback, goodness no! And I am always very open and honest in my initial “vetting” of playmates that I don’t take artificial hormones – surprisingly most have been great about this and typically share my views. I would consider TheMaster as he has had a vasectomy, but we haven’t discussed it yet. My conditions, out of fairness to each other and our respective spouses, would be that we’d both be tested prior & also be exclusive playmates if we ever went there.

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      3. Neither of us knows what a condom is like. Before Paul had his vasectomy, I was having his babies and before that, I was on oral contraception. It was the most glorious experience to have Paul’s sperm inside of me as made love to conceive..

        I wouldn’t consider another man without testing. Period. Paul and I have talked about it (just as fantasty) and that would have to be the case for us both.

        I could not imagine not feeling his semen flowing into me.

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      4. Thanks for the feed back Melinda! Good to hear you are enjoying it.

        I must say, I love the “about” section on your blog – your intentions that you have set out. I, too, wish to work on a way of breaking down the taboos about sex – just getting people to talk about sex in more than a whisper or out on girls’ nights would be amazing.

        I love writers/ educators such as Kim Anami (I’m a huge fan) and many of the writers published on Elephant Journal, who write in a manner that seems to make it easier for open natural discussions on historically taboo subjects.

        I can’t seem to see the best place to start reading your blog (posts by date etc) but perhaps cos I’ve only looked at it via mobile site. If you’re able to suggest where might be best to start from, that would be great!

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      5. I appreciate your thoughts on our about section. I know far too many women who get grossed out by the thought of swallowing or tasting their own fluids on their husband’s cock. I was there. Paul was there with his semen. I can’t imagine not sucking on him after he cums inside me. I can’t imagine him cumming in me and not cleaning me. We can keep our intimacy going long past our first and follow on orgasms because we get so turned on enjoying our cum together. 😀

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    1. Thank you, yes they are lucky indeed although I wouldn’t say all have impressed me. There’s my obvious one who has had a huge impact, others who are pleasant and the current main star is very intriguing and I do like a lot but I’m also wary of him liking me too much.

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    1. Haha Ava, it reads as more fun than actuality unfortunately! I am very lucky that my Harvey & Kit are actually a very real likeness – I might need your cultural insight sometime regarding Kit.
      It’s agony that they are all from out of town or clashing schedules at present. It’s tiring to hunt further, so my hunting gear is stowed for now.
      So lovely to see your name, I do hope you are well x

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