Touchy Master

A conversation with TheMaster from last year when I started this blog.

Magenta: TheMaster is live on M&M…..

Master:  Oh really
FYI I’m not stressed about my presence on M&M, rather flattered!

Magenta: Lol, you should be.  You are the envy of many, it would seem

Master: Do tell?

Magenta: Tell about what

Master: Who is envious
Love getting under that boy’s skin {referring to TheLinguist}
I’m being a shit now

Magenta: Well I already said TheExec but I’ve barred him
The Little Prick & Hipster too but they’re gone

Master:  TheExec, he was a nob

Magenta: TheLinguist wants your fave status for sure

Master: Love your nicknames

Magenta: Haha thanks

Master: TheLinguist needs to produce! Lol

Magenta: If I’m well enough I’ll be seeing him tomorrow night

Master: Really?  Where?  My Magenta not well?

Magenta: Been sick since Friday.  He arrives tomorrow sometime

Master: WOW, and your going to be ‘sick’
Stirring you

Magenta: He’s here till Fri

Master: Oh

Magenta: No more stirring?
He’s also said that he can typically get to most places on this side of the country within a couple of hours, no questions asked.

Master: Well isn’t he a freaking champion

Magenta: Lol, snarky master

Master: Maybe

Magenta: He has little chance of moving to fave status
Despite great odds on the surface

Master: Well, you never know….with his ability to be somewhere in hours with no questions asked
Test the big talker one day
I reckon he is full of it

Magenta:  Haha I shall

Magenta: Lol TheLinguist’s response to me mentioning you getting under his skin

“Haha! He seems like a dude – besides chances of him getting under my skin while I’m busy gettin inside of you is zero”

Master: Just remind him I’m the Master while he plays with himself
Guy is a desperado
With minimal substance

Magenta:  😂😂😂😂
Touchy, Master?
Desperado, why? he’s definitely not – picked up live last time he was here.
You will always be the master x

Master: What did pinhead TheLinguist mean – seems like a dude?

Magenta: That you’re cool, everyone thinks you are.  C’mon as if I’d paint you as anything but.  That you’d get along.

Master: I’ll retract my ‘pin-head’ comment previously aimed at him.


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