Magenta’s Magic

Another conversation with TheMaster from a while ago.
Magenta: I had a couple of other curious questions that I don’t think I’ve asked you yet.

Would you ever go ‘monogomish’? That is an open relationship defined by boundaries of course.  Assuming it’s not something your other half would do, but would you if she wanted to?

Master: I’m open to an open relationship, but ground rules would need to be set for both parties.

Magenta: Ok my other questions;
You love to fuck but it seems your biggest enjoyment is to tease and please perhaps?
How is cock sucking good if there is no real climax? Sure I get that it’s still enjoyable but is it not just a tease if there’s no climax?

Master: How is cock sucking good without climax…’s the feeling, the build up you might say.  When you wrap your lips around my cock and take it in, there is no other feeling like it.  The swirling of the tongue, it is all so so good.  Look at it this way, sex is like your favourite dessert, one ingredient may taste good but when you blend it all together it’s fucking amazing!

Magenta: Yes agreed and understood.

Master: But I’m more than happy for you to bring me to climax! 😜

Magenta: If it doesn’t ruin the rest of dessert, I’d love to

Master:  Done!! Lol

Magenta: Back to question answering oversights
You didn’t answer whether I was correct in saying perhaps your biggest enjoyment of fucking is to tease and please?
And yes I get the dessert analogy fine and I also get that guys can climax without cumming….I guess I need to learn the signs perhaps.

Master:  Oh, yes I LOVE to tease and please! Please with dominance, which I think is related to the teasing as well.
Moaning and groaning are good signs.

Magenta: Lol yes they are.  Neither of which I believe I’ve really truly witnessed (from you).  To add to that, whilst moaning and groaning may be good signs, bodily reactions are nicer in my opinion (perhaps harder to fake too) ….i.e. there’s nothing like a pulsating cock mmmm.
Getting back to my more pertinent query…whilst I know that Magenta pleases Master in various ways, I don’t believe I’ve truly witnessed Master’s ecstasy….

Master:  Sorry, what question did I miss?

Magenta: Your earlier response of “Moaning and groaning are good signs”.
I don’t recall any such things and I do believe that bodily indicators are often more telling as they’re involuntary to a degree.
What does Magenta need to do to give Master ecstasy? Magenta must research as Xmas is coming…..

Master:  Right, sorry, missed the Q a bit.
Magenta does certainly pleasure Master, ok I may not be fully moaning and groaning but you know when I grab your hair as you suck my cock, you’re hitting the sweet spot – I touch it because I want to keep you where you are, or I want more and want my cock deeper inside that amazing mouth of yours!
My pleasure also comes from watching you enjoy working my cock in your mouth, that is fucking hot, and when you hold your hands to your back as though you are restrained is a major turn on.
Magenta: Ooh I just realised [name of a show] will be on when you’re here!
Master: My Magenta, [that show] will be a memory that fades, but the memory of Master working his magic to make you work yours will last forever!
[that show] can wait.
Picking you up at the bar is top of the list.
Oh, and if you want Master’s cock in your energised mouth for longer, and wish to bring Master to climax just say the word.

2 thoughts on “Magenta’s Magic

    1. He sure is! I am just as lucky to be a recipient of his own magic too. If only we could be free to spread magic together sometime, I have no doubt that the world would be richer for it.


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