Scary Smart vs Scary Dumb

A comment TheMaster made whilst driving after picking me up when I visited his home town, which has amused me ever since, is how I was ‘scary smart’ as opposed to the ‘scary dumb’ of a rogue one-time playmate he’d been dealing with.

I always laugh about it and TheMaster elaborated further in one of our conversations on his last trip.  I loved the analogy he used and thought I would share it as some insight to ‘Me’, as I do feel TheMaster reads me scarily well.  His analogy was along the lines of this;

Scary dumb is pulling out a machine gun and opening fire aimlessly with reckless abandon – you don’t know where you’re going to get hit…..and then when you think it’s over, the ammunition is reloaded and it starts again.

Scary smart is planned and calculated, setting up aim and getting you in one hit like a sniper – you’re gone before you even have a chance to realise you’re about to get shot.

Lucky I’m a lover, not a hater. And I believe in karma – vengeful acts serve no purpose.


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