Taboo or not taboo?

*  and I’ve found myself really passionate about doing justice to this topic. I’m also a healer and wellness practitioner, and here’s the thing: sexual health is critical to every human being, it’s a major point of pain for many people, and it’s therefore an incredibly important place to focus our healing attention.

I believe that if we were all having healthier, better sex, the world as a whole would be a much more serene, peaceful, and joyous (and sustainable) place. Sex is part of the journey, and it gets to be part of the conversation. So here’s to all healthy expressions of sexuality, and all intelligent information and education to help light the way. And as Mae West said, “An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.”

*excerpt from Elephant Journal.

Even prior to my entering the play world, I have always had a fairly strong interest in sex.  Not an easy interest to have being raised in what most would consider a rather conservative, religious family.

I remember incorporating sexual exploration into play with my best friend as a ‘tween’.  We would play house together, go on make-believe dates with our make-believe boyfriends and even have make-believe sex.  I can’t imagine what our parents would’ve done if they’d known the sort of make-believe play we got up to in the privacy of our rooms.  Well, my parents at least would’ve been horrified and sent me off to an even stricter, more religious high school than what I was already secured to attend.

I have also always had spiritual interests, since a young age and I have been a huge fan of Kim Anami since first discovering her several years ago.  In the current era of increasing popularity in all things holistic health & fitness, I am very much a believer that sex is an important part in enduring health.

A comment I made to TheBull, who used the words dirty and naughty recently (well, he’s used naughty regularly), is that such words are ones that I am definitely not a fan of when relating them to sex.  I prefer to replace such words with sexy and cheeky, I told him. I explained my reasoning that I felt the words “dirty” and “naughty” seem to uphold and perpetuate negative connotations about sex and sex acts.   Sex should be celebrated and not condemned.

Sure, there are horrific and abusive sex acts that unfortunately occur (and I’m not talking BDSM or similar kinks) – which I don’t wish to get into here.  But when we’re talking about swinging, “monogamish” or more open relationships, women who enjoy sex (without being classed as whores or in a derogatory manner), sex that is more uninhibited – to name a few things that seemingly still get spoken about behind closed doors or in hushed tones. These such things should definitely not be taboo to discuss.

Why does it still seem taboo in this day and age to even hold open forums on such topics? Out with the taboos, I say! I’m glad to have discovered some new bloggers who I look forward to reading more of as they join in challenging the taboos of today.




7 thoughts on “Taboo or not taboo?

  1. Thank you for linking to our blog! We are truly humbled and blessed to share in the quest to blow through barriers, roadblocks and taboos. We have learned how to explore each other’s sexuality and sensuality in conjunction with feeling freedom to allow our own to rise be uninhibited.


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    1. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts! I’d actually love to read about how you guys educate your kids about sex – as someone who was raised in a household where we couldn’t even watch shows that had kissing in them, I’m conscious of learning how to educate my (future) children in a less taboo-like manner.


      1. Ah right, that makes sense now haha! I love made up phrases….or syndromes 🙂

        I don’t know about referring to sex as something you’re not supposed to have, though…..

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      2. Yeah I don’t think it’s a good thing, but it’s such a prevalent idea that a lot of people can relate to the feeling. I hope that more and more of us can see sex for what it really is though, something sacred and beautiful, exciting and special : D


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