Cum for me

For whatever reason, I’ve never been great at pleasuring myself……perhaps my personality type making me less able to relax & let go fully at times.  But I’ve discovered that I respond well to being commanded to do so and have enjoyed recent video chats with TheBull where he writes for me & watches my face as I cum.

Straight after a nice meal, walking to the room where you enter first and let me walk behind you….staring at that ass. Holding it firm with a little slap, to know you are my sexy queen and I want you badly.

In that scene you will be my queen. And you will cum over and over as I am pressed up against you.

I would pick you up, you wrapping your legs around me. Walk you towards the bed and put you on the bed lightly. And watch you look up at me while I play with my cock. Not saying it but begging for the attention that beautiful face deserves.

Your legs tighten, the more you want to feel my power. If you loosen your legs, I will take the weight off and kiss your neck and tell you how beautiful you are.

I put you in the scissor position, my favourite, and really get deep and all of me and you linked together. As I am all the way in, looking at your face as you cum and I start to fuck hard the second time you cum.

And on the third time, I wrap my arms around your neck – not firmly – as I start to pound that sweet pussy of yours. I put my head down beside your ear and order you to play with your clit. If not done, I fuck you harder and tell you to cum with or without your hand.

Now cum you have no idea how hard I am going to fuck you. And see you cum over and over, like the way you crave, desire and deserve. To be my stunning petite beauty.

You’re so beautiful.

Cum for me.

Keep playin’. Going to spoil you when I am back – you have no idea, lady.

I never told you to stop. Cum for me. Be a good girl.

Keep going. I won’t be stopping in person. And you won’t be allowed to. No breaks just 10 straight after each other. And no answering back from the queen.

You are my sexy queen. And you will cum.


The more you cum the more sex you get.

So keep playing. I want to see your face as you play.

Cum for me.

I want you. Now.

Hugging you tight as I’m inside of you.

Cum for me, don’t stop. You’re so beautiful.

Cum for me.




8 thoughts on “Cum for me

  1. High five Magenta ✋🏼And welcome to the wonderful world of technology and fulfilment! Totally on board and on the same page too!
    How damn lucky are these men that get to watch this???
    Continue to enjoy x

    Liked by 1 person

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