I’ve been trying to find a way to describe my evolved feelings for TheMaster and I came across these words from Elephant Journal, which seem to say what I have been trying to find the words to describe.

I have no issue admitting to having had a schoolgirl crush on TheMaster – I completely recognise that for what it was at the time.  That crush-like feeling certainly crops up from time to time, but it has also evolved as I have experienced growth and I don’t feel like I have such a sense of needy-ness anymore.

Sure I have desire for him like no other, but I am happy to own that as my choice and my reality without needing reciprocation or to force anything.  If I decide that reciproction is something I need or value then I will be happy to seek such answers at that time.

I would like to know him more than what he has revealed of himself to date, but I also recognise that I haven’t really asked to know him more.

I definitely know that he has had a profound affect on me….the way that I feel like he reads me so well; the way he explains things in a way that resonates with me; as well as made me question things and opened my mind, respectfully; the way that he has brought about greater self-acceptance in me.

I honestly have no idea how he feels – and I don’t feel it’s something I need to unequivocally know right now.

I’m okay with how I feel and I’m happy to own that as my own experience.

Yes, he has awakened me and such awakening has has spurred me to grow.

The last paragraph {extract below} of this post from Elephant Journal really resonates with how I feel.

Meeting TheMaster has brought about much self-reflection, inquiry and honest investigtion into my own nature – in pursuit of finding, and sustaining, greater feelings of self-love and acceptance that he stirs in me.

And in loving myself more honestly, I will find my truth – what I want, what I desire in my life, what I deserve & value.

I am grateful for the awakening and look forward to discovering more.

I feel like many of us are sleepwalking our way through life.

We move through our existence in a kind of daze, an existential stupor—that is until that thing comes around forcing us to wake up.

Who knows what that thing might be? It could be anything, any kind of experience that pulls the rug from under us and makes us realize how unconscious we’ve been for most of our lives.

Perhaps it will be another person, someone who shows us what is possible, someone who reminds us of our true nature, someone who makes us remember the innocent and wondrous child that lives within the fabric of our own psyche.

Once we’ve found that thing that wakes us up from our metaphysical slumber, we then begin the work of pursuing a lasting experience of that feeling, and this feeling can only be rightly sought through self-reflection, inquiry, and an honest investigation into our own nature.



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