I hunger for your touch…

Current feels: breathless & hungry.

A hunger that is best satiated by TheMaster.  Not that I cannot fulfil myself…..I don’t need him, but I do want him.

This track came to mind…excuse the grainy quality clip that I found but it speaks to me the most.

I love language – this clip has both Spanish & English lyric subtitles. And of course this track is synonymous with the movie Ghost. Who doesn’t love classic Patrick Swayze?

The characters I know him best for are a little reminiscent of TheMaster to me – just the “good bad boy” vibe I guess.

One friend, who knows about Magenta, remarked to me once that TheMaster “looked like trouble”….which I know what she meant and I can understand her getting that vibe.

Perhaps I’m somewhat blinded, but I think he has plenty of good about him despite any “bad boy” tendencies that may be present.


7 thoughts on “I hunger for your touch…

      1. Ah fair enough, perhaps don’t bother then…chick flicks aren’t for everyone. I love Dirty Dancing for the costume, music & dancing, personally. As for Ghost…I guess I like Demi in it & Patrick too. A couple other favourite chick flicks of mine are Notting Hill and Pretty Woman…yes a Julia Roberts fan here 🙌


      2. lol iv never seen pretty woman either……kind of ironic considering what I do. plus I have three bros, so in my house I grew up watching rocky or anything with van dam in.

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