The garden vs the gate

In the weeks since I posted about getting uncomfortable and having the courage to heal myself, make peace with myself and find my truth, I definitely feel like I am finally getting somewhere.

As I continue to ask myself quality questions, as well as engage in discussions with various friends, including some new ones, I ponder this;

The entire point of life is to decide if we want to stay in our own little garden safe behind the fence coated in comfort tending the same garden we’ve always occupied.

 Or, if we are brave enough to leave everything that we’ve ever known and make the choice to walk through the gate into the absolute and complete unknown. 

At this point in time, I find myself pondering the possibilities of the known vs the unknown – staying in my ‘comfortable garden’ vs stepping through ‘the gate’.

The Garden The known

A loving family I adore, who love me
Friends who engage with my health and spiritual sides
A comfortable life
Financial security/freedom
Fulfillment of goals in a life that ‘looks good’- society values
Friendship, love, companionship from a partner who is ‘detached’, and lives with the ‘dimmer down’, but is in general kind, intelligent, hard-working and has similar values and some similar interests to me, who also allows me much freedom – we both allow each other much freedom. But I also feel a lack of support, affection and intimacy.

Through the Gate The unknown

Friends (‘chosen family’) who engage in my health and spiritual sides
Living my truth more authentically
More time to solely support myself and my goals
Financial security/freedom
A passionate life
Relentless pursuit of goals that align with my truth and values
The partner I seek – each other’s best friend and biggest cheerleader; supportive, passionate, alignment of values and interests (especially in health and pursuit of improving lives for the greater good); alignment in values of affection and intimacy.


As I look within to find my answers, I trust that I will have the courage to find and speak my truth.


3 thoughts on “The garden vs the gate

  1. I can truly relate with your post as I find myself in your shoes. The very realization of you pondering the possibilities, is a sign to me that even though you have so much already of which you are appreciative of, yet still something hoes missing and is unfulfilled. Otherwise you would not consider these thoughts as they would never cross your mind. The choice is yours whether in which step you want to take. To forever stay content in the safety of your garden like a ship at harbor, wondering what if? Or if you find the courage to pursue the what if and chase your adventure. I believe the moments closest to our heart and the things that we remember, have something a little wild about them. Ships are not meant to stay at the harbor for their adventures begin in the open sea.
    Best of luck dear in whatever you will decide. Hugs 💙

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    1. Beautiful words, thank you very much and thanks for reading. I LOVE the ship at harbour analogy.
      I wish I had more time to read your blog….I am trying to make the time! I have been enjoying your posts on oracle cards as they are a recent interest of mine….exploring the mystic 🙂

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      1. Thank you dear, it means a lot and don’t worry, I am in the same boat and it’s tough to juggle all. Working full time, writing and reading all takes time but I so appreciate you stopping buy and I as well will make it a priority to visit you more and learn more about you 😉.
        I’m new to oracle cards as well but I’m already sold and believe. It was an amazing experience and I hope you can find something helpful in my post about them. Have a beautiful day.

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