I don’t need you, but I do want you

Without expectation or crystal ball gazing, I know – undoubtedly – that I want you in my life.

To know you. To nourish you.  To conquer with you, separately together.

But always to nourish ourselves first and foremost.

The me of my 20s was a very different me but I am grateful for everything that has brought me to who I am today.

I cannot be bought.  I do not value material things.  No, I am not uppity.

I value freedom, truth, authenticity.  Which may sound incongruent with my current activities but I have been fighting for my truth.

I want to be known, to be understood, for someone to want to know me. All of me.

I want to know all of you – the dark and the light.

I will not be owned, I do not want to own you or buy you.

I don’t want to save you and
I don’t want you to save me.

I don’t need you, but I do want you – however your presence may be.

Your presence may only be small. Or it may not be now. Or it may be never at all.

But I want you.


15 thoughts on “I don’t need you, but I do want you

  1. This title is the motto I live my life by. As harsh as this my sound. I have said to men in the past. I don’t need you in my life. I choose to have you! So this struck a cord with me x

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    1. SLS, I don’t believe it is harsh at all…..it is practicing non-attachment (I must post on my recent learnings more), that is my intention of this post at least. I want him but it won’t kill me if I don’t have him. x

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      1. youre welcome. Im not one of these who gets funny about protecting there blog etc, its there for the world to see anyway, so share it I say

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