YOU are nobody’s option


A dear friend sent me these words today after I told her of receiving a text message from TheMaster simply stating “Hope you are doing well”. Sigh. Le sigh. I mean, srsly? WTAF.

On Valentine’s day no less. I wonder what Nikki would think of such a text?

After the full moon lunar eclipse I decided, in the end, that I don’t need to speak to him – but we have communicated a little since my last update.

I have many a post to publish (many a minxy adventure has gotten in the way of posting I’m afraid!) but just wanted to pop by to post these words……for anyone who needs to hear them, especially on Valentine’s Day. Not that I am much of a V-Day gal at all.

Happy V-Day, lovers. A reminder from your friendly neighbourhood mystic minx, YOU are nobody’s option.

And neither am I.

The woman in the cafe

I witnessed a incredible woman today, sitting in a cafe with her baby – 5 weeks old, I learned when another patron asked.  She was with a man who I assumed was her partner, I didn’t really get to glimpse him but….oh my, they had an amazing energy – I could just feel it.  This woman was incredibly beautiful to me, I think most people would consider her so, but she wasn’t someone you’d call a classic beauty and I think it would be denigrating to describe her as ‘girl next door’-type….she was something else altogether.

Eyes full of life and love – completely sparkling, she seemed ethereal. No typical signs of being a new mother at all, she seemed to be utterly in her element in life, in that moment.

I desperately wanted to pause and tell her how magical I thought she was, but the cafe was tiny and crowded.  I went to the bathroom before leaving and she was gone before I could muster the courage to speak my words.

Beautiful, magical, mystical woman……thank you for projecting your energy into the world… was such a delight to witness and I am glad that I did.