The woman in the cafe

I witnessed a incredible woman today, sitting in a cafe with her baby – 5 weeks old, I learned when another patron asked.  She was with a man who I assumed was her partner, I didn’t really get to glimpse him but….oh my, they had an amazing energy – I could just feel it.  This woman was incredibly beautiful to me, I think most people would consider her so, but she wasn’t someone you’d call a classic beauty and I think it would be denigrating to describe her as ‘girl next door’-type….she was something else altogether.

Eyes full of life and love – completely sparkling, she seemed ethereal. No typical signs of being a new mother at all, she seemed to be utterly in her element in life, in that moment.

I desperately wanted to pause and tell her how magical I thought she was, but the cafe was tiny and crowded.  I went to the bathroom before leaving and she was gone before I could muster the courage to speak my words.

Beautiful, magical, mystical woman……thank you for projecting your energy into the world… was such a delight to witness and I am glad that I did.

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