Presence & Patience

…..continuing on with more music & lyrics, because patience has been on my mind of late – as well as being present (in the now, not over thinking, not living in the future or in the past) and this track came on.

This track was on a Spotify playlist of upbeat songs, I love the boppy melody but I love the meaningful lyrics too.

I certainly don’t need love to ease my mind right now – I very much want to ease my mind on my own, but these particular lyrics very much spoke to me as I go on my very first ‘pre-date’ coffee next week. Gosh, saying that makes my heart skip a beat.

I am very fond of this person (ok I have a HUGE crush), but I am conscious of being present without over thinking (we both acknowledge over thinking in life in general – not in relation to ‘us’. Acknowledgment of potential for an ‘us’ only happened in the last few days).ย  So, this ‘non-date’ coffee is to check in on the energy we both acknowledge. If anything progresses it will be nice and slow as there are quite a few obstacles to a traditional dating process – one being we live quite far apart. Anyway, there goes me lacking presence again!

My mama said, “you can’t hurry love
No, you’ll just have to wait”
She said, “love don’t come easy
But it’s a game of give and take”
You can’t hurry love
No, you’ll just have to wait
Just trust in a good time
No matter how long it takes

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