Lost and Found

Here I sit: day in, day out
Fighting my fears and my doubts
Drowning in stuck and hate

Feeling lighter and heavier day by day
Letting go but being weighed down
Always smiling, but fighting the frown

Needing to remember my own lessons – patience, presence, practicing self love

Where do you look when you don’t know what you’re looking for? When you aren’t afraid of the dark but the dark seems to suffocate you?


7 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. Try to forgiveness, forgive yourself being hard you your own self and forgive others for hurting you. If you let go of the anger and hate, you will start to receive love and give loves to others. Also take things as a life lesson, what did you learn from yourself from your past relationships. This has helped me move on and get to know myself, and love myself again.💕

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  2. I feel you Magenta. It is hard to appreciate oneself. We sometimes long for validation through others and never trust ourselves to be objectively truthful about our positives. I have nothing else to say except that I truly believe and feel you…

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