I haven’t spoken of this explicitly yet, despite having intended to since the beginning of this year (where tf has this year gone???). I recently learned a French word for me/my “lifestyle” that I love much more than its English counterpart – echangiste.

Yes, I am a single swinger. A unicorn to some (I am not adverse to this title but I understand why many are – I have yet to have a bad experience as a unicorn).

I wouldn’t describe myself as poly-amorous but I do believe that love is not a finite resource. The phrase “love slut” does resonate with me and I do very much enjoy the open-minded world of the “ethically non-monogamous”.

I have existed in this world for the past 12 months and during this time I have made many wonderful connections and new friends. My mind has been opened; many stereotypes broken; confidence and self-love grown; along with plenty of growth in self-knowledge, communication skills and general knowledge – both in relation to general life as well as the echangiste lifestyle.

The lifestyle is certainly different to the picture that society often paints. I love that there are many people from all walks of life who exist in this world, there really is no typical “echangiste”.  And there are certainly many ‘flavours’ of the lifestyle – how individuals view and partake, whether coupled or single.  One of the greatest things I love about the community, is the general acceptance of all beings – everyone in all shapes, sizes and sexual orientations.

The more people I meet who enjoy the lifestyle and community, the more I feel that I want to stay in this lifestyle in some way once I am ready to date.  This is definitely something I never would’ve thought would interest me……but here I am!

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