The French Invasion

I’ve experienced somewhat of a French invasion of late.

Who knew that the French were such fans of Magenta? It has me thinking I need to get myself to France.

Whilst I’ve always had a French girl on my fuckit list, I have recently enjoyed the company of some delightful young French men during my travels. I also had the pleasure of meeting a lovely couple on a world tour, who I will hopefully cross paths with during their tour of my country over the next year.

I’ve also made a French friend or two, one who I uncannily discovered is also an echangiste.

I wouldn’t necessarily agree that French lovers are the best, everyone has their unique talents no matter where they hail from.  I do quite enjoy the sensuality of Europeans and Latinos, but those from more Western cultures can be just as sensual too.

There is something, however, about being told you are sexy and beautiful in a French accent. Mmmmm, oui!

16 thoughts on “The French Invasion

      1. I’m enjoying learning incidental French and will likely take an intensive course in Jan 😎 my current fun phrases are niquel chrome and ça roule ma poule ^^


      2. I still don’t quite follow mdr but ok….. I’m also still trying to work out the correct use of mdr – I feel it’s not supposed to be heavily used the way I use lol in place of emojis etc when writing. Interesting to learn different ways though ^^

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      3. Culture and generation…… my young friends use 😉 and 🙂 and ^^ more than they use emojis or lol which would be used in english. I was told that lol is for old people mdr (mdr seems like correct use here)

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