So, who is Magenta?
Magenta…..the not-quite-scarlet woman. I do love the colour magenta, so it is rather apt to name my alter-ego as such; although credit for the name inspiration must also be given to my new good friend, Ava.

Magenta is a minx and apparently a rarity for being authentic in the world of players. Confident, coquettish and more self-aware than a younger Me; Magenta satisfies my quest for sexual fulfillment. Magenta makes me feel alive. Magenta is not someone I thought I could or would be, but yet here I am.

Magenta is the alter-ego of Me, however, in the instance of this blog, ‘Me’ will also refer to those I play with when I am treated to their contributions….as well as contributions of other players I come across who wish to contribute to this blog. (well….. this has yet to happen).

Who is Me*?
Me…..well, that would be telling.

This blog has served me well in its original intention…..which was to chronicle my adventures as Magenta, my adulteress alter-ego (this blog’s original tagline was Adventures in Adultery), as well as provide a haven for musings on my journey of further self discovery in the quest for living a more fulfilled life.

Despite the adultery undertaken in the last months of my marriage, I was a brilliant wife (by my definition) and I did adore my ex-husband – I will always love him, but he is unfortunately not the spouse for me.  I did originally wonder if Magenta would be a short-lived character in my life, which I suppose she has been. But, for the purposes of this blog, it must be Magenta who exists here.

One year on from the inception of this blog, I find myself charting new territories – which I find equally terrifying as well as exciting.

I do still wish to remain anonymous as it pertains to this blog, however much has changed since Magenta first entered my life a year ago.

Not many people in my life know about Magenta, not even my best mates** – and I intend on keeping it that way.

*To aid in anonymity of Me and Magenta’s playmates, some aspects will be fictionalised.
**well a couple know now.