So, who is Magenta?
Magenta…..the not-quite-scarlet woman. I do love the colour magenta, so it is rather apt to name my alter-ego as such; although credit for the name inspiration must also be given to my new good friend, Ava.

Magenta is a minx and apparently a rarity for being authentic in the world of players.  Confident, coquettish and more self-aware than a younger Me. Magenta satisfies my quest for sexual fulfillment. Magenta makes me feel alive. Magenta is not someone I thought I could or would be, but yet here I am.

Magenta is the alter-ego of Me, however, in the instance of this blog, ‘Me’ will also refer to those I play with when I am treated to their contributions….as well as contributions of other players I come across who wish to contribute to this blog. (well this has yet to happen).

Who is Me*?
Me…..well, that would be telling.

I will say that despite my current undertakings, I very much adore my husband and I am a brilliant wife – by my definition.

I know that my husband loves me but he has sadly never been great at showing it in the way I desire (or even the way that is typical in relationships – and I’m not talking about the the way they are depicted in the movies). Nor has he been great at appreciation or gratitude, but perhaps I need to show my gratitude more too.

I desperately wish that he adored me the way I do him. I know that, just like a garden, marriage takes consistent work and attention in order to bloom and grow. And whilst I also know that I’d “rather be working for a pay cheque than waiting to win the lottery“, I do wonder. What is it like to be taken care of? To have your wants and needs understood? For now, Magenta keeps me sane.

No one in my life knows about Magenta, not even my best mates** – and I intend on keeping it that way.

This blog will chronicle my adventures as Magenta as well as serve as a dumping ground of musings on my journey of further self discovery in the quest for living a more fulfilled life….although Magenta may very well be a short-lived character in my life.

*To aid in anonymity of Me and Magenta’s playmates, some aspects will be fictionalised.

**well a couple know now.