TheSmiths & I

Ahhh……the ever-delightful Mr & Mrs Smith.

I happened to join a messenger group, which is where I found Mrs Smith. This group is for bi or bi-curious ladies, so it was quite an exciting discovery for me, as I have posted before about having hunted for a girl to join TheMaster and I.

After some initial banter with Mrs Smith, outside of the group chat, I was a little surprised when I didn’t hear much more from her as she had commented approvingly when I’d shared a picture or two in the group.  I thought I’d have a go at putting myself out there, without being pushy, and decided to ask one day whether she was happy to hear ‘my spiel’ – as in what I was looking for and what I could offer.  I think there was about a day in between responses but, as I hadn’t really taken the time yet to write out my spiel, when I finally heard from Mrs Smith the day after my offer, I didn’t get around to finishing my response until the evening.

Once I had however, we had some quick back-forth banter during which I shared a short video clip that I had in my repertoire of enticing goodies….something that I had actually created for TheMaster that is of a dimly lit view of my lips and mouth, seductively playing with my fingers, coupled with some sexy sound effects, that ends with me saying in a sexy voice….”goddamn I wish that was your cock”.  After sharing this clip, Mrs Smith commented that her hubby had an immediate hard-on and had stated “get her here now!”.

In our chatting, we discovered we were both having quiet evenings and that I actually lived fairly close to them. We established that it was possible for me to join them that evening, although I was apprehensive as I was awaiting the arrival of an unfortunate monthly visitor…..but this didn’t put off Mrs Smith, she sweetly said that they could avoid any penetration of me so as not to bring about the arrival.  

I needed to shower and we had a quick video chat to say hi before I got in the shower.

Confirming that we both liked what we saw via video chat, it became apparent that this was going to happen. I could hardly contain my excitement.  I was feeling a bit unsure of the Smiths’ attraction to me – I know my booty gets highly rated and several playmates have commented on me having an attractive face and features…..but Mrs Smith is seriously other-worldly.  I managed to push my apprehension aside and drove over to their house.

When I arrived, I was greeted by Mrs Smith, who was wearing a simple black slip dress, her face was relatively bare and naturally gorgeous.  Mr Smith said hello as I entered their house; he had to duck out momentarily to help a friend nearby but this gave Mrs Smith and I a chance to settle in and chat.  We uncovered some similarities and when Mr Smith returned, they were both impressed to discover that I have my motorbike license – as Mr Smith is an avid fan of both cars and bikes.

As we were chatting, I decided to get more comfortable settling in for the evening and stripped down to my underwear, removing the top and jeans I had arrived in. Mr Smith had a shower and Mrs Smith invited me in to the bedroom to get things started. I was a little surprised myself at how comfortable I felt.  We started kissing and enjoying each other’s skin.  Taking off her slip dress, I was in absolute amazement at how incredible Mrs Smith looked in the flesh.  Mrs Smith has beautifully supple, smooth skin and the most amazing full breasts (E-cup I later found out) all wrapped up on a shapely, but genetically blessed and taut, size 8 – 10 body.  Mr Smith soon joined us fresh from his shower and it wasn’t long before they both encouraged me to not be shy in having my first go at eating pussy.

I was delighted to find that Mrs Smith’s smooth and supple skin continued to be of the same standard on her incredible pussy.  I wasn’t expecting Mrs Smith to taste as sweet and…..un-pussy-like as she did.  I don’t know how else to describe it, haha!  I was also surprised to discover how much I enjoyed it.  Remembering the way that TheMaster pleasures me, I employed some of my favourite tricks of his in my own execution.  Gently nibbling on Mrs Smith’s clit, interspersed with some labia stimulation with my tongue, I took pauses to lightly blow cool air on her pussy just the way I enjoyed TheMaster doing so on mine.

I delighted in hearing Mrs Smith’s murmurs and approving gasps.  Moving to stimulate Mrs Smith with my fingers, I continued to simultaneously massage her clit with my tongue whilst also caressing her incredible body. Something I find that seems to get lost with many men, is the lack of extra sensory stimulation whilst being treated to oral sex. I never realised how important this part was until experiencing it with TheMaster.  I was delighted to be able to carry forward my lessons from him, in pleasuring another woman. Being my first time giving oral pleasure to a woman, I got a little lost in the moment and didn’t quite pick up Mrs Smith’s cues on having reached climax, but climax she did.  Both she and Mr Smith were impressed with my manner and skills, which was extremely pleasing to hear as a first-timer.  Pausing to enjoy some chat momentarily, we were all perplexed discussing their previous female encounters (I was their 4th) and the fact that Mrs Smith had yet to orgasm with any other playmate before me.  I was really quite surprised to learn that my skills were so well received.

The Smiths and I continued to enjoy playing with each other in a similar way for a while longer.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself despite being unable to be penetrated due to the arrival of my monthly visitor.  

Before long, we realised it had reached the early hours of the morning.  Piling into bed at around 5am, I couldn’t believe how energised I had felt the whole time.

I left the Smith’s house around midday. Sending them a thank you message when i got home, they responded just as positively stating that I had been their favourite girl thus far.


Midnight O’Cock

He spotted me as I parked, walking over to collect me from my car.  Pulling me in for a kiss, it was nice to enjoy his comfortable playfulness again.

Taking my hand, he guided me across the grass in the dark in search of the familiar bench beneath the trees.  I giggled at the memory of losing my underwear the last time we’d fucked here. Fortunately tonight was quite balmy, so I had met him in a dress commando.

Arriving at the bench, we kissed some more and he got me to perch up on the back of the bench whilst he got down to feast on me.  Getting up, he told me how much he’d been looking forward to this in his last hour at work, which was evidenced by his bulging hard cock.  I took it into my mouth and enjoyed swallowing his cock, working my way up and down his shaft.

It was almost midnight and we both had to get up early for work, so it wasn’t long before he put on a condom and entered me from behind.  I hinged over for a better angle and realised that I was able to easily bounce on his cock as we were both standing, using the bench to steady myself.  I enjoyed riding him this way for a short time before he also began to rhythmically pound me. He withdrew and sat on the bench so I could mount him.  I rode him briefly as he sat, before he stood up, with me wrapped around him.

He continued to thrust into me as he held me up, my legs wrapped around his waist – a position I quite enjoy with him as he seems to be able to hold me up comfortably. But tonight I was craving to be fucked quick, hard and dirty – so, putting me down and turning me around, he once again entered me from behind. Fucking me deeply as I grinded my hips back into him, hinging forward onto the bench. It felt so good to have him inside me, I lifted one leg to wrap behind him and draw him in closer, enjoying feeling his cock hit me in all the right spots.

Returning my leg to the ground, I hinged forward again as he pummeled me with his cock, making me gasp in delight as I got closer and closer before he erupted.  Feeling a  throbbing cock erupt, as I am on the brink of climax, always seems to make me follow suit in the most delicious fashion.  I felt my pussy pulse as he was inside me, enjoying the most delightful release.

Carefully withdrawing from me, I turned around, pulling the top of my dress down to enjoy some skin whilst he caught his breath. After cleaning himself up, we kissed a little more before he walked me back to my car.  Passing a water fountain along the way, he paused to have a drink.

At my car, he once again pulled me in for a deep kiss before we said goodnight and parted ways.

Mr & Mrs Smith

Well, that escalated quickly.

I had the most amazing, energy-filled, vibe-connecting evening with an incredible married couple last night.  Very much my kind of people.

After happening upon Mrs Smith via TheSite about a week ago, only engaging in a very brief initial messenger chat, I decided to reach out and tell her more about myself.  I had known that I liked what I saw of her thus far and was pretty sure she & Mr Smith liked what they had seen of me.

After sending through more details about me sometime after dinner, a little messenger chat ensued during which I was invited over.

I will write more about our deliciously divine encounter soon, but I just wanted to stop in to say WOW. Lucky me!

Feed me, feast on me

A couple of recent conversations with TheMaster…..goddamn he speaks my language so well.  Things are rather crazy for both of us at the moment and we likely won’t see each other until November.  I, for one, cannot wait. I know it will be beyond amazing.

[late evening message]
Master: So, I didn’t get to keep the photos you sent yesterday….care to re-share?

[early morning reply]
Magenta: {sent image}

[instantaneous response]

Master: Stunning

Magenta: {sent another image}

Master: Your legs are fucking yum. Could lick them to your pussy with ease

Magenta: Good morning lol

Master: Morning. Just in gym.

Magenta: Here’s something for post gym {sent image of me bent over, a fave shot of his}

Master: Fucking erection creating yum!

Magenta: Shame I can’t sort that out. I’m starving too.

Master: I bet you are. No play?

Magenta: No play.  Considered it but don’t want sub-par.  The junk food variety leaves you feeling just like actual junk food – grubby and undernourished.  Gourmet is worth the wait, even if it is November.

Master: 😜


Magenta: It’s warm here today, finally.  I’m in the red version of the scoop back dress you’ve seen a pic of. With a scarf to make it more corporate lol. So here’s a daydream for your Friday afternoon:

Yes, I’m sure you would love to drop to your knees with me in this dress. Then get up, bend me over, fuck me good & proper.  Use my scarf if you wish.  After that, I will lose my dress, scarf used appropriately & on my knees.  Be fed & feast on you. Come on face if you wish. Clean me up (scarf is handy like that). Dress back on (minus the scarf, maybe even commando).  Yes, the girls like this dress too. Go out, pick up someone to join us. Do it all again.  😈
Happy Friday, Sir.

Master: 😁😁😁

One revolution of the sun later…

Twelve months ago……almost 365 days……in a galaxy not too far from here….I had no idea that my life was about to be forever changed.

It was this very week, last year, that I met TheMaster.

I could never have predicted the journey that I have been on over the last twelve months, yet it feels like where I am is exactly where I’m meant to be.

Well, I feel like I’m on my way to where I’m meant to be.

It does feel odd to say, as someone well into adulthood, but I can honestly say that I feel like I know who I am more than ever before.

So, who am I?

I love to fuck – call it sex, making love, fucking….whatever you wish to name it.  I love all of the ecstasy and magic of the human body connecting with another.  I don’t believe I need love for sex but I do love soul connections, energy vibrations….when you know someone is vibrating on your frequency. Love certainly does give sex a deeper experience, I don’t disagree with that.

I love all types of music – from indie pop, alternative & grunge; to 60s, 70s 80s & 90s; old school R’n’B, some newer stuff & the odd hip hop; jazz, funk, blues; the odd pop track & other songs I don’t even know what to class as. I love Latin American music, French pop & reggae. I love covers of songs in different styles from their original (i.e. Nirvana done in jazz style or Pop/dance covered in an acoustic a capella style). I love anything with interesting use of strings, xylophone or base.

I love dressing in different ways – girly, sexy, cute, casual. I do love lingerie too (hubby is a bit apathetic over it, but that’s his preference. I love it so, yes I will buy it and wear it). I am still finding my style a little.  Sometimes I like to be dolled up, sometimes not. I can’t run around in heels as much as I used to and I’m certainly no fashionista but I’m okay with that. And no matter what I’m wearing, I am always prepared to get my hands dirty to do whatever is needed.

I am very much an INFJ, despite my initial reservations that this wasn’t me at all.  Often quiet with those I am unsure of but bubbly and engaging with those I am comfortable with.  I’m factual and analytical, which used to come across as judgemental (perhaps still does at times).


I do think a lot, so finding true silence recently has been quite the revelation for me – despite not being new to meditation and mindfulness. I never realised before that silence allows you to hear what is truly important – yourself, your truth, your intuition.  If you can’t hear yourself, how do you know who you are? If you don’t know who you are, how can you love yourself?  Although my grapples with self-love and self-acceptance do go deeper than my personality type, as I have touched on before.

I love learning new things and connecting with others.  Especially with those vibrating on similar frequencies as me.  I am ever so grateful for stumbling upon my (now) good friend Ava who inspired me to blog.

I’ve learned that if anyone has issues with who I am, what I like or what I do – this says more about them than it does about me. I am not what you think I am, you are what you think I am. What you see is what you reflect.  I did ‘know’ this before but I feel like I’ve only really properly learnt this recently.

Anyone projecting negativity or unkindness requires the most love and compassion. I know this has been true for me – when I’m projecting shit it’s usually because I feel shit or am suffering in some way. Often suffering because of thoughts of my own making, my own projections or expectations. I can choose to hold on to this negativity or let it go.

Peace comes from presence. Be the love, in order to feel the love. Be the light and you will see the light, you will attract it. See abundance and you will have it.

Let go of questions or actions driven from the ego, what matters most is if you love yourself. Validation from others will never be enough if you don’t validate yourself.

I am finding my truth. Listening to my intuition. Trusting myself. Understanding myself. Loving myself. Fulfilling myself.

It is only after fulfilling ourselves that we can truly spread loving-kindness and peace.

It’s not all hunky dory every day – there are most certainly ebbs and flows – but the veil of darkness and ignorance is lifting, and I am finding the light. I can hear myself more clearly. I am finding my way home.  The times I undervalue myself and ignore my truth are becoming less frequent.

The universe works in mysterious ways indeed and I look forward to finding out what else is in store for me.



Small talk

I was at a family function the other day – I have a pretty big extended family that I rarely see.

I saw some aunties and cousins who I hadn’t seen in at least 10 years.

In a brief ‘catch up’ conversation, one relative enquired,”still happily married?”. To which I continued to smile (as I often do, as is my personality) and replied, nodding,”yeah…”.

A bit of a random question (although the relative in question was divorced), but it made me think…..

I know I definitely have it pretty good and I am grateful for everything in my life.

It takes me back to the question my therapist asked me about what was enough for me….can I live with hubby’s very detached emotional style? With less affection and compliments/ appreciation than I desire?

I do wonder if it’s unfair to hubby that he is unaware of how much I have deliberated but I also know I can’t take anything back once it’s been said.

I think I can live with things, when deliberating all the other good there is about us.

…..but then there’s that pesky sex thing. I don’t know how to illustrate just how little hubby is into sex, but maybe I’m just not right for him? Am I denying him finding someone more compatible in that respect?